New Valorant map name leaked: Everything we know so far

New Valorant map name leaked (Image via Riot Games)
Leaks show what Valorant's new map might be named (Image via Riot Games)

Ahead of the announcement from the officials, the new Valorant map name has been leaked online. While some of its visuals have already been leaked earlier this year on Reddit, gamers now get to know what the map is called. This leak comes courtesy of the trusted and reliable source @VALORANTLeaksEN, who has shared the upcoming map’s name.

Thanks to the leak, players now have a grasp on what they can expect from the upcoming announcement. Read on to learn more about the new Valorant map name expected to be released along with Episode 9 Act 1.

Note: This article is based on leaks and is subject to change. Readers are advised to take this speculation with a grain of salt.

The new Valorant map name revealed in a recent leak

As stated, the new Valorant map name has been leaked by a reliable third-party source, @VALORANTLeaksEN. The post on X shares that the upcoming map set to be announced during the Valorant Masters Shanghai showmatch is apparently named ABYSS.

The developers traditionally release one new map per Episode, so ABYSS is highly likely to be launched with the upcoming Episode 9 Act 1, which is expected to be launched on June 25, 2024.

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After the map’s release, the developers might add it to the active competitive map pool, allowing players of all skill groups to explore and master it. Learning a whole new map is a challenge in itself and can be a nice change of pace as it has been a while since players received a new map.

Earlier this year, some visuals of the map were leaked, giving players a sneak peek of what they can expect.

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