Valorant Gekko guide: All ability timings and using them effectively in any scenario

The newest addition to Valorant - Gekko and friends. (Image via Riot Games)
The newest addition to Valorant - Gekko and friends. (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant has just announced one of its three new Agents for the game this year through VCT//LOCK IN’s matches and a swanky new animated trailer. Representing Los Angeles and the United States comes Gekko, the latest addition to the Radiant roster.

This Agent will be released in the Episode 6 Act 2 update, which will roll out on March 7-8, depending on your region.

Gekko, an Initiator, should provide a completely different experience. He uses a set of Radianite creatures in his arsenal. This has been seen before in Skye’s kit. However, this new Agent’s abilities, interactions, and mechanisms make him and his enchanting little creatures truly unconventional.

How to employ Gekko’s creatures effectively in different scenarios in Valorant


Gekko has an unconventional kit and therefore requires atypical plays for most scenarios. While this fresh face may initially look weaker than other traditional Initiators, Gekko is the type of Valorant Agent who will thrive in the midst of combat - distracting and disorienting enemies and generally being a nuisance to deal with when the site is overrun.

Using his Radianite creatures, Gekko can provide unforeseen camaraderie in a Valorant team composition and facilitate plays that weren’t quite attainable until his introduction. Aside from that, the Agent is also familiar with Reyna. Here is a list of Gekko’s abilities that could provide an edge over your opponents.

Dizzy (E/Free Ability)


Gekko’s first ability is to send his creature 'Dizzy" forward by pressing Fire (default left-click). Doing so will launch the latter forward like a grenade that bounces off walls, and any enemies in its line of sight will be blasted with a blue goo-like substance, blinding them for a short duration.

Once the creature is shot down or expired, it will turn into a glob on the floor, which can be picked back up by the Gekko player after a short cooldown period. Dizzy can be effectively used to disorient enemies, especially ones holding angles. For example, a player holding close to a breakable door near A link on Lotus might get caught off guard by Dizzy if used correctly.

Wingman (Q Ability)


Gekko’s second Valorant ability is the creature named Wingman. Like Dizzy, pressing Fire will send it forward, albeit only in a straight line. It will shoot a concussive blast in a triangular Area of Effect (AoE) towards the first enemy player.

Wingman can also be alternatively used to plant the Spike (requires Gekko to be carrying the Spike) or defuse it. This action is independent of the player, so you can carry on fighting without having to sit on Spike.

Also, like Gekko’s first ability, Wingman can be claimed up following a short cooldown after it has turned into a glob on the ground. Using it requires a niche situation, therefore, players must read the game and use Wingman adeptly.

For example, baiting out mollies and other utilities in a post-plant defuse situation with Wingman would be ideal for the Defenders, as scoping out pre-placed utility and pushing players sitting on lineups is pointless.

Mosh Pit (C Ability)


Gekko’s third and final regular ability comes in the form of Mosh Pit, a smaller creature capable of creating a circular Area of Effect (AoE) that severely damages players over time.

It deploys by either primary firing to overhand throw or secondary firing to underhand throw. However, this ability has been counterbalanced by drastically reducing uptime, which lasts four seconds.

Unfortunately, the Mosh Pit creature cannot be picked up again after usage as it explodes, causing damage and disappearing. One can use this ability to lock out opponents from defusing in the last few seconds or help clear out corners quicker, especially when combined with abilities such as Raze’s grenades.

It can also open up space in front of the team or hold the backline for enough time for support to arrive.

Thrash (X/Ultimate Ability)


With every Valorant Agent, comes an Ultimate, and Gekko is no stranger to it. Thrash is a creature that has become the fresh Agent’s signature ability. Pressing Fire after equipping Thrash will link the Agent to its mind, letting the player control directions, much like a Skye Dog.

Firing again will cause Thrash to lunge forward and explode, hopefully at enemy players. Any opponents caught in the explosion radius will be detained for a period of time.

Surprisingly, Thrash does transform into an interactable glob after usage and can be reclaimed. However, this creature can only be reclaimed once, unlike the other abilities that offer this feature.

For adept usage of Thrash during a Valorant match, one must read their opponents and situation wisely. Detaining opposing agents who camp the bomb site or hold smaller areas and chokepoints with two or more players are the main targets.


Gekko will surely bring some unprecedented plays and perhaps a change in the tide for the meta. Players will now seek to discover and unravel a few traits and ability combos. Over time, the new Agent will definitely take the top spot as an Initiator among Valorant’s ranks.

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