Valorant Instalock Trainer: How to use, features, and more

Valorant Instalock Trainer (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant Instalock Trainer (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant players across all ranks are aware of the problem with instalockers. In most of the games, there is someone or the other who will come in and lock the Agent they want to play without consulting with the team. More often than not it is a Duelist like Reyna or Jett, but it can be anyone else too. This has the potential to ruin your game entirely if they pick the Agent that you specialize in on a certain map or simply ruin your mood because you won't get to play whom you wanted to play.

You know what they say? If you can't beat it, be it. u/tpqzefir came up with an app, which they shared on the Valorant subreddit, that lets you practice the not-so-subtle art of instalocking before you get into your ranked match for the day, so that no one can take your preferred Agent away from you. Here's everything you need to know about it so that you can use it as well.

Everything you need to know about the Valorant Instalock Trainer

This software, designed to train your reflexes so that you can lock the Agent you want to play before anyone else can, is called Valorant Instalock Trainer and can be used for free on The aim of the program is to help you train your reflexes so that you can lock on the Agent of your choice before anyone else can get to it.

This can be seen as some sort of an equivalent to Aimlabs, which players use for aim-training. If one were to stretch the argument further, then you could also say that practicing on this application will help you improve your reaction time, thereby improving your in-game performance as well.

How does the Valorant Instalock Trainer work?


The game basically lets you simulate the layout of your Agent-select screen so that you can click on it as soon as the menu loads. This is most likely to help you create muscle memory, which will come in handy during actual matches.

There are four modes of difficulty, based on the amount of time (measured in miliseconds or ms) you get to lock in your Agent. If you are unable to do so before the timer runs out, you lose the game. The four levels are as follows:

  • Easy - 1000 ms
  • Medium - 500 ms
  • Hard - 250 ms
  • Insane - 175 ms

You can keep practising in this simulation till you feel ready to beat the fastest of instalockers you may encounter in Valorant.

Please note that although this trainer is fun in theory, the practice of instalocking an Agent in Valorant is far from ideal and is not a goal that anyone should be striving towards.

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