Valorant releases new voice lines for Agents in PBE Patch 4.02, hinting at Neon's ties with Killjoy

Valorant PBE Patch 4.01 releases new voicelines (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant PBE Patch 4.01 releases new voicelines (Image via Sportskeeda)

Neon, Valorant's latest Agent addition, joined the game's Duelist roster on 11 January 2022, with the Patch 4.0 update that introduced Episode 4 Act 1: Disruption.

Apart from introducing a range of new items like the new Battlepass and an exclusive skin collection, Disruption brought about several changes to Valorant's existing gameplay. Parts of the map design of Bind and Breeze were altered to suit the players, while weapons like Spectre, Ares, Bulldog, Guardian and Melee went through significant changes.

New voicelines!Chats for Neon were added (only the Killjoy, Viper and Raze part, Neon's part already existed, added for context.)Bunch of new lines for Phoenix and a chat with Chamber.

Neon's voiceline was made available a few days prior to her release and highlighted the Filipino Agent's rivalry with the game's Duelists, along with several other Agents. In the Patch 4.02 for Valorant's PBE, a few more voice lines are added, featuring Agents like Neon, Phoenix, Chamber, KAY/O and many more.

Latest Valorant voicelines to be featured in PBE Patch 4.02

Voice lines initially released for Neon show the Duelist's approach towards the other Agents in the game. Neon was seen conversing with Agents like Raze, Killjoy, Viper, Astra, Sage, Cypher, Skye, Yoru and Chamber in the previously released set of Agent voicelines.

However, with most of the conversations being one-dimensional, the audience didn't have the chance to listen to these Agents' reply to Neon. In the newly included voicelines for PBE Patch 4.02, Viper, Killjoy and Raze are featured with voicelines that reply to Neon's comments.


According to the voice lines, Killjoy is excited about Neon's ability to generate power. This could be tied to Valorant's lore around Neon, which hints at the use of her abilities to sustain Killjoy's power plant. Killjoy is seen saying,

"Neon, how much power do you generate exactly? If I could just attach this meter.."

In reply, Neon exclaims,

"Killjoy, my suit's got like a billion volts, don't touch it."

Similarly, Neon engages in a two-way conversation with her fellow Duelist, Raze. Neon initiates a conversation with Raze and is not pleased with the lack of response from the Agent.

"Oy, Raze? Raze! Ugh. Dibale na...!"

Raze replies,

"Wait, what? I'm listening to music. Let me just. You say something? What did you say? "

The final voice line among the newly added ones features Neon's conversation with Viper, as the Agents discuss the flavor of the Filipino delicacy of Adobo.

"Neon? What was that meal you made earlier? It was.... Good" - Viper
"Oh, my nanay's adobo? You're uh....welcome" - Neon

Additionally, Phoenix receives several new voicelines. The English Duelist can be seen going back and forth with Chamber, and has several conversations with Agents like Astra, KAY/O and Cypher which are likely to make their way into the game at a later date.

With Chamber, Phoenix discusses the probability of availing custom-made weaponry, similar to Chamber's Headhunter and Tour de France.

"Chamber, I'm ready for some custom guns. You hook me up, yeah?" - Phoenix
"I am sorry, Phoenix. You cannot afford me" - Chamber

Phoenix also has a few newly added voicelines for match-start on both Defender and Attacker sides.

"All this for some Radianite? It's mad. Let's get it and be done." - Match start, Attacker
"Yo, let's stop these guys. For real. No one gets past me again" - Match start, Defender
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Phoenix has 3 new conversations with Ally Astra, according to Valorant's PBE Patch 4.02.

"Who's hungry? Astra, let's finish up and get Jollof. I bought last time, so your treat" - Match start with ally Astra
"Astra, I bring the fire, you bring the stars. They are stars, right? Are they stars?" - Round start with ally Astra
"Oh! Astra with the galaxy brain! Yeah!" - Phoenix commends Astra

In addition to Astra, players can access Phoenix's new voicelines while conversing with ally Agents like Yoru, KAY/O and Cypher.

"KAY/O Team Forge, let's go!" - Allies, barrier going down.
"Yoru, let's see what you got, mate." - Allies, barrier going down
"Remember, fam. Winning takes sacrifice. Right, Cypher? Sacrifice? Like chess. Our chess game? Oh come on, I know you got it." - Match start with ally

Voicelines in reply to Phoenix have not yet been announced. While the latest voicelines have made their way towards Valorant's PBE server in the 4.02 update, it is unclear when they will arrive for Valorant's global audience.

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