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10 Best Last Man Standing Matches in WWE History

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The most iconic image in Last Man Standing Match history.
The most iconic image in Last Man Standing Match history.

Few Matches in the history of WWE are more dangerous and destructive than Last Man Standing match. Usually taking place as a grudge match between two opponents who had been feuding for months, this bout sucks the life out of even the toughest of the participants and forces them to fight till their last breath.

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Just like Hell in a Cell and the I Quit Matches, last man standing matches have also carved out a legacy of its own over years. At Money in the Bank, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles will finally settle their low-blow issues when they battle in a Last Man Standing Match.

Over the years, WWE has been home to over 30 matches of this type, some of which have gone on to be regarded as the best of all time. Whether or not Styles and Nakamura will produce a gem of a match, only time will tell, but until then, here are the 10 best Last Man Standing Matches in the history of the promotion.

Honorable Mentions

Triple H(c) vs Shawn Michaels - World Heavyweight Title (Royal Rumble 2004)

One of the most violent Last Man Standing Matches in the history of the company, this match came during the latter half of the 2 year long rivalry between the former DX mates. The match, which ended in a draw when the two bloodied superstars failed to answer the count of 10, is often overshadowed by their classic Summerslam bout and Hell in a Cell Match.

The Big Show(c) vs Alberto Del Rio - World Heavyweight Title (Smackdown 2013)

The first of the two Last Man Standing matches between the two superstars, this match, while not as violent as other matches on this list, is highly remembered for Del Rio's memorable face turn. The pop that Del Rio got when he won the title after tripping the announcer table onto Big Show certainly was the highlight of his face run in the company.

Triple H vs Ric Flair (Survivor Series 2005)

The culmination of this memorable feud between the Mentor and the Pupil, the decimation of Ric Flair at the hands of Triple H was the most merciless sight of the night. Flair got minimal offense throughout the match as HHH busted him open, decimated him, and finished him off with a sledgehammer strike to win the match.

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