10 Best Heel Turns In WWE History

  • Relive some of the best heel turns in WWE history.
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Seth Rollins betrayal of The Shield remains as an iconic betrayal
Seth Rollins betrayal of The Shield remains as an iconic betrayal

Every great story needs a great villain, just as much as it needs a great hero and every story is pretty much incomplete with a brilliantly portrayed bad guy and the same can be said for Professional Wrestling as well.

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For these past several decades and pretty much since the inception of Pro Wrestling, we have been witnessing some of our favourite Superstars turning their backs on us and the rest of the WWE Universe, marking the beginning of a dark period in their Pro Wrestling career.

Whether it is the likes of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Triple H, or Shawn Michaels for that matter, the WWE Universe has certainly witnessed some of the most cowardly and dastardly heel turns of all time throughout the years.

Therefore, with that being said, here are the 10 best heel turns of all time in WWE history:

#10 Triple H turns on Daniel Bryan- SummerSlam, 2013

Triple H betrays Daniel Bryan and helps Randy Orton cash-in
Triple H betrays Daniel Bryan and helps Randy Orton cash-in

Daniel Bryan’s rise to the top of the main event scene in WWE saw him go toe-to-toe with The Authority in what remains as one of the most memorable ‘feel-good’ storylines of all time in WWE history.

Bryan, who popularly initiated the infamous Yes Movement during this angle, had to go through the likes Kane, Randy Orton, and even WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, in order to get a shot at the prestigious WWE Championship which was being held by multi-time champion John Cena at that point of time.


Cena and Bryan eventually squared-off in the main event of SummerSlam, 2013 with the WWE Title on the line and the latter eventually seemed to defy all the odds and won the World Championship. However, by the end of the evening it was WWE COO Triple H (who during the build-up to this feud remained in favour of Bryan) finally turned his back on ‘The Leader of The Yes Movement’ thanks to a vicious Pedigree, which eventually allowed Randy Orton to cash in his MITB contract and win the WWE Title.

Bryan’s dream turned into a terrible nightmare within the blink of an eye as Triple H pulled-off the biggest triumph card and made sure that Bryan once again had to fight for his opportunity yet again.

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