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10 IWC favourites for 2016

Riju Dasgupta
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8.54K   //    07 Oct 2016, 23:45 IST
Which IWC favourites have had a phenomenal year in 2016?

The landscape of WWE is not what it used to be when it was dubbed the land of the giants. Today, kayfabe is dead, the internet wrestling community has a voice, and it pushes for superstars who can actually work in the ring, over the ‘marketable’ stars that the company wants to push.

Case in point, the Roman Reigns story! 10 years ago, a good looking talent like that, who can go in the ring (despite what the detractors think), would be the top dog without question. Not so much in today’s era. WWE pushed him down the card, because of negative fan reaction. 

So let’s look back at this year and see which wrestlers have been IWC favourites, and whether or not they managed to make a mark. 

#10 Kota Ibushi 

This former IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion has the strangest relationship with WWE

Move aside, Heath Slater. Kota Ibushi is without question the hottest free agent in the sports entertainment world today. Ibushi entered the Cruiserweight Classic as the favourite to win the tournament but put over T.J. Perkins as he did not want to sign with WWE in the semi-finals.

Strangely enough, we heard that he will be teaming with Hideo Itami in the upcoming Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Make up your mind, dude!

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