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10 terrible deaths of WWE superstars

Professional wrestling has seen a lot of tragedies over the years, and it's sobering to think how dangerous the industry really is.

Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero

The professional wrestling business is not just about sunshine and rainbows. It is about men and women going to their utmost limit, just to make the fans cheer their name and bring the house down.

Though the business brings in fame and superstardom for most of the wrestlers, one thing that comes along with those advantages is tragedy. Ever since its inception, professional wrestling has been littered with tragic events, which have left the affected wrestlers in trauma. 

Despite being faced with grave dangers, wrestlers usually get dragged into the vortex of hurting themselves, and some of them ultimately give up their lives as the price. The number of wrestlers dying over the past few decades has been very high, with Nelson Frazier Jr. being the latest addition to that list.

Here is a look at 10 names who started their careers dreaming of being the best in the business but ended up as tragic lessons for the generations to come.

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