10 Things WWE wants you to forget about this decade (the 2010s)

Vatsal Rathod

#9 Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle's son

WWE has been well-known to successfully create many kayfabe relationships between the Superstars. I'm sure many people still believe The Undertaker and Kane are real-life brothers. But there is always a limit up to which you can challenge your audience's common sense, especially in today's era where kayfabe is almost dead.

During July of 2017, the then RAW General Manager and Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle revealed Jason Jordan was his son, and his mother was a woman he dated in college. Even though this storyline did lead to Jordan become a prominent Superstar on RAW for the next few months, the relationship between the two seemed to be too unrealistic and foolish. The fans turned on him real fast!

#8 Bobby's Sisters


It's easy to forget how Bobby Lashley was a triple champion on Impact Wrestling and returned to WWE with so much hype around him. While fans were expecting WWE to pit him against the then Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, the company had other ideas.

During one of his earlier feuds with Sami Zayn, WWE gave us one of the worst and cringeworthy segments of that year, and probably the decade - Bobby's sisters. The segment consisted of Sami Zayn bringing out Bobby Lashley's three sisters - Cathy, Frances, and Jessica - to the ring, who were all Indy wrestlers dressed up as women. This was nothing more than a failed attempt at terrible humor and was even considered by many as one of the worst professional wrestling segments of all time.

Edited by Shruti Sadbhav
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