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10 Wrestlers who would be interesting choices for biopic movies about their lives

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Published 21 Feb 2019, 11:01 IST
21 Feb 2019, 11:01 IST

The movie about Paige
The movie about Paige's journey to WWE comes out this Friday.

With Paige's movie 'Fighting with my Family' coming out this Friday and the news that Chris Hemsworth will play Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic, just which other wrestlers would be good subjects for biopics or movies based on their lives?

Professional wrestlers are often treated like superheroes and super-villains, but under the surface of their characters, they are human beings.

A lot of wrestlers have had crazy careers and even crazier journeys just in order to get to the top of their industry.

We've heard stories of TJP and Daniel Bryan living in their cars early in their careers as well as stories of stars like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall struggling with addictions throughout their lives.

A documentary about Kenny Omega will air on HBO next month and HBO also made a successful documentary about the life of Andre the Giant.

In the wake of the news about Hogan's potential biopic, which superstars from the past or even ones presently active would make for good movies?

Not every wrestler has struggled to get to where they are in their careers, but here are 10 superstars about whom interesting movies could be made.

#10 Jeff Hardy

The Charismatic Enigma has had an eventful life full of ups and downs.
The Charismatic Enigma has had an eventful life full of ups and downs.

Jeff Hardy has been in the world of professional wrestling since he was legally an adult. Since his whole adult life has been in the ring, he's experienced a lot of roller coaster rides throughout his life.


From breaking out as a tag team with his brother to becoming a World Champion in WWE by himself, Hardy had a lot of success. But with that success came a lot of trouble outside the ring from injuries to addictions to arrests.

Hardy's life reads as a cautionary tale and the fact that he's on the straight-and-narrow currently is a testament to his character.

A huge part of a potential biopic could even involve the infamous 'Victory Road' match in 2011 with Sting where he showed up for the match high and how Eric Bischoff had to call a serious audible for the match.

His past troubles were even brought up in his recent feud with Samoa Joe, so Hardy's life would make for a great movie script.

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