10 WWE Superstars you forgot appeared in the Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble – the much-awaited WWE pay-per-view every year
Royal Rumble – the much-awaited WWE pay-per-view every year

The 35th Royal Rumble pay-per-view takes place this Saturday. This year's show takes place at The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri, and will once again have two separate matches for men and women.

There have been hundreds of participants in the matches held so far, and today we take a look at ten who are all but forgotten.

These WWE Superstars hardly made a mark in their Royal Rumble appearance and thus are easily overlooked when fans recollect the matches.

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Without further ado, here are 10 WWE Superstars you forgot appeared in the Royal Rumble:

#10 - El Torito

Royal Rumble 2014 remains as one of the matches the WWE Universe did not appreciate. The returning Batista won the match, but what shocked the fans the most was the absence of Daniel Bryan in the main event.

The anger grew after spots were 'wasted' by WWE with the likes of JBL, The Great Khali, and El Torito – someone the WWE Universe hardly remembers, let alone as a participant in the Royal Rumble.

El Torito made his way to the ring as the #20 entrant and lasted a minute and 49 seconds. The member of Los Matadores did manage an elimination (Fandango) before getting tossed out by Roman Reigns, who finished runner-up despite eliminating 12 participants.

#9 - Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan has participated in three Royal Rumble matches but never managed to leave a mark. She failed to eliminate a single participant in all her appearances, despite spending over 21 minutes in the ring!

In the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble, the former Riott Squad member entered the ring at #3 and lasted for over minutes. She was the only superstar eliminated by Molly Holly before Michelle McCool tossed her out.

Sarah Logan did not last long in the 2019 Royal Rumble as Natalya and Kairi Sane combined to throw her out after just 5 minutes. The exit was quick but surprisingly only the 5th quickest that year as another Riott Squad member, Liv Morgan, lasted just 8 seconds.

2020 was the final time Logan entered the Royal Rumble match and her time in the ring was even shorter. She was eliminated after just 28 seconds but once again, not the quickest in the match as Chelsea Green was out after just 12 seconds.

#8 - Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez was one of the surprise participants of the 2012 Royal Rumble. Alberto del Rio's personal ring announcer was surprised by WWE on the day of the pay-per-view with an entry into the rumble, and he managed to impress.

He entered at #8 in the rumble and lasted 2 minutes, 19 seconds. He eliminated Justin Gabriel with some help from Mick Foley before Santino Marella tossed him out.

#7 - Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis was a part of 205 Live when she participated in the 2019 Women's Royal Rumble. It was her only appearance in the rumble as she was pregnant with her son, Carver Mars Bennet, at the time of the 2020 edition.

She was in the ring for just over 8 minutes but did not manage to get anyone eliminated. Alicia Fox ended up throwing Maria over the ropes before Ruby Riott threw her out.

#6 - Jonathan Coachman

Jonathan Coachman earned his right to enter the 2006 Royal Rumble match by defeating Jerry 'The King' Lawler on Monday Night RAW. He got some help from the Spirit Squad to win the singles match but could not do much in the rumble.

Coachman entered the match at #7 and was in the ring with The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and Triple H. He lasted just 30 seconds before The Big Show eliminated him.

#5 - Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix has been in two of the four Women's Royal Rumble matches but makes today's list for her appearance in the Men's Royal Rumble. She made history by becoming the second woman to enter the rumble but lasted just over a minute and a half.

She did manage to get The Great Khali eliminated during her time in the ring by pulling him over the top rope while standing on the apron. CM Punk ended Beth's time in the ring as she was thrown out straight away.

#4 - Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne was a part of WWE for over 6 years but surprisingly made just one Royal Rumble appearance. He was a part of the 2010 match and was the second entrant.

He kicked off the rumble with Dolph Ziggler but could not make an impact. He was the first to be eliminated by CM Punk, who went on to register 4 other eliminating in the same rumble.

#3 - Kharma

The 2012 Royal Rumble saw a lot of surprise entrants in the form of Mick Foley, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Booker T, and even Michael Cole. But Kharma making her way to the ring as the #21 entrant stole the show.

She lasted just a minute in the ring but managed to get an elimination to her name. Hunico was thrown out of the ring by Kharma before Dolph Ziggler managed to get her over the ropes.

Technically, the elimination of Michael Cole could also be credited to her as she intimidated him to get over the top rope and eliminate himself. The rumble was her only official match in WWE.

#2 - Jamie Noble

The 2008 Royal Rumble will forever be remembered for John Cena's return to the ring and Triple H's reaction to the Cenation leader's music. Arguably one of the best rumbles ever, saw the likes of Jamie Noble, Hornswoggle, Chuck Palumbo, and others take part.

Noble was involved in a singles match earlier in the pay-per-view but made his way to the ring all taped up around his waist and went after Chuck Palumbo. He lasted just 30 seconds in the ring before he was eliminated.

#1 - Gillberg


With Goldberg's popularity in WCW increasing, WWE (then WWF) introduced Gillberg. Instead of him being direct competition to his rival, this was a means of the company poking fun at him.

In the 1999 Royal Rumble, Gillberg made his way to the ring as the #6 entrant. Even before he could finish his classic entrance, Edge pushed him over the top rope and ended his time in the match. Gillberg lasted just 6 seconds in a match that saw Vince McMahon claim victory.

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