Full NameWilliam Scott Goldberg

BornDecember 27, 1966



Relation(s)Wanda Ferraton (m. 2005)


Goldberg started his career in sports with NFL and played for teams like Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons and Sacramento Gold Miners from 1990 till 1995. He was selected by the Carolina Panthers but never played with the team.

  1. WCW - Undefeated Streak of Goldberg
  2. Goldberg feuds
  3. All Japan Pro Wrestling
  4. First run with WWE (2003)
  5. Goldberg Return to WWE (2016)
  6. Goldberg trivia
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His career in NFL ended due to a "tear in his lower abdomen off his pelvis". This led to him pursuing an alternate career in Pro-WRestling and joined the WCW Power Plant in 1996 for training.

WCW - Undefeated Streak of Goldberg

Goldberg made his debut for WCW on September 22, 1997, defeating Hugh Morris. Goldberg went on to have squash matches, usually disposing of his opponents in a matter of minutes. Goldberg made his PPV debut at the Starrcade event registering yet another win, this time over Steve McMichael.

Goldberg went on to win the United States Championship by defeating Raven in his 75th consecutive win on an episode of Nitro. Goldberg went on to have a feud with DDP for his Championship Title and ended up defeating DDP at the Halloween Havoc event.

Goldberg's undefeated streak came to an end after he lost the match and his US Championship to Kevin Nash at Starrcade, bringing his record to 173 wins and 1 loss.

Goldberg feuds

He managed to regain the Championship by defeating Nash at Souled Out in a ladder taser match. Goldberg then went on to have lackluster feuds with the Steiner Brothers followed by another program with DDP and The Jersey Triad.

Goldberg managed to win the US Championship for a second time at Halloween Havoc by defeating Sid Vicious via referee stoppage. The same night Goldberg answered an open challenge by Sting for the WCW World Championship and even though he won the match, his victory was considered void due to the match not being sanctioned by WCW. Goldberg suffered his second loss the very next night on Nitro when he lost his match to Bret Hart due to interference from Sid Vicious and continued to feud with the latter going forward.

Goldberg then had a program with Bret Hart where the two formed a team and successfully captured the WCW Tag Team Championships as well. However, they lost the belts next week itself. Goldberg and Bret then had a match for Bret's World Championship at Starrcade which ended with Hart being declared the winner. In am major heel turn in their rematch, Bret turned on Goldberg and Joined Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, joining them in a Goldberg beatdown; thus re-forming NWO.

goldberg fued

Goldberg suffered an injury in December of 1999 taking him out of action for a bit. He went on to feud with Steiner and Lex Luger for the remaining time before WCW was bought out by WWE. Goldberg's contract was not picked up by the WWE and he continued to be under contract with Time Warner until May 2002 when he decided on a contract buyout.

All Japan Pro Wrestling

Goldberg had a brief run with AJPW where he had memorable matches with Satoshi Kojima and Rick Steiner. He also teamed with Keiji Mutoh to defeat KroniK.

First run with WWE (2003)

Goldberg signed a one-year contract with WWE in March 2003 and went on to have his first feud with The Rock, picking up his first win in WWE against The Rock at Backlash 2003. Goldberg then went on another undefeated streak feuding with Chris Jericho and Triple H in the process.

Goldberg was a part of the second Elimination Chamber match where he was pinned by Triple H to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. He managed to win the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Triple H at Unforgiven.

Goldberg's 84-day long title reign came to an end at Armageddon when he was pinned by Triple H in a triple threat match also involving Kane.

A feud with Brock Lesnar followed next for Goldberg, After numerous skirmishes and encounters, Lesnar demanded a match against Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX with Stone Cold as the special guest referee. The Match took place at Wrestlemania where Goldberg picked up the win, in what would be his last match in the WWE for a long time.

Goldberg Return to WWE (2016)

He returned to the WWE in 2016 after re-igniting his animosity with Brock Lesnar over social media and various WWE 2K events.

After being called out by Lesnar and Paul Heyman on RAW for a couple of weeks and their match set for Survivor Series 2016, Goldberg made his return to RAW after 12 years on the October 31 edition of the show. At Survivor Series 2016, Goldberg picked up the win against Lesnar in one minute and twenty-six seconds.

Goldberg then went on to defeat then Universal Champion-- Kevin Owens at Fastlane and become the third ever Universal Champion.

At Wrestlemania 34, Goldberg defended his Title against Brock Lesnar in an unsuccessful attempt and thus his reign as Universal Champion ended.

Goldberg trivia

Goldberg has been part of a variety of movies and television shows over the years including movies such as the Longest Yard(2005), Kill Speed(2007) and American Satan(2017). He has also made appearances on popular TV shows like The Goldbergs, The Flash, and The Grand Tour.

Goldberg Hall Of Fame

On January 15, 2018, Goldberg was announced as the first inductee and the headliner of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame. This was then confirmed on RAW  when it was announced by WWE.

goldberg and kevin nash

Goldberg Finishing Moves

  1. Spear
  2. Jackhammer

Goldberg Major Championships Held

  1. WCW World Heavyweight Championship(1x)
  2. WCW US Championship(2x)
  3. WWE Heavyweight Championship(1x)
  4. WWE Universal Championship(1x)

Entrance Theme

  1. "Invasion" by Christian Poulet and Jean-Yves Rigo and Crush 'Em by Megadeth

People also Ask

Who has defeated Goldberg?

Kevin Nash.

How old is Goldberg?

52 years (27 December 1966)

How many matches did Goldberg lose?

According to the company, his streak stretched to 173 wins and 0 losses before Starrcade 1998, when Kevin Nash snapped the streak with help from his NWO teammate Scott Hall.

Who is the son of Goldberg?

Gage A.J. Goldberg

Did Goldberg play football?

Bill Goldberg played defensive tackle for the Georgia Bulldogs, and, in 1990, was drafted by the Rams.

Who is Goldberg married to?

Wanda Ferraton

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