5 WWE Superstars who should face off in the Octagon

No, not you CM Punk. You stay out!

A ring is a holy place in professional wrestling. Inside the ring, you are superhuman, and you can create memories and magic for your entranced, captivated audience. But off late, with the popularity of MMA, the octagon has achieved notoriety and infamy of a rather different sort.

Inside the octagon, grudges can be settled; punches can be thrown, and it is absolutely not necessary to ‘take care’ of your opponent. In fact, you only ‘take care’ of your opponent by knocking him/her out, or making them submit.

Here is a lighthearted look at 5 WWE feuds that can be settled inside the Octagon. Bear in mind, that we have various reasons to book these fights, purely for the entertainment that we will derive from them. They will probably not be good fights, from an MMA standpoint. But they are fights that nobody will want to miss.

#5 Chris Jericho vs. Sin Cara

This fight is number 5 on our ‘list’

Anything to do with Chris Jericho is worth its weight in gold. But this is something many would pay to see. Recently, Sin Cara and Jericho got into a real life fight, when they were on their European tour. Punches were thrown, and ultimately the fight ended with Jericho biting Sin Cara.

There is unresolved bad blood between the two, and Sin Cara has been sent for anger management classes. We saw how that worked out for Daniel Bryan and Kane, a few years ago. Here’s what we suggest, guys.

Get into the octagon, and punch it out until there’s one man standing. Bite if you want to, as well. But don’t let the backstage atmosphere be so tense.

#4 Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins

Maybe Balor can steel cage bomb Rollins this time

Finn Balor was, until Summerslam, ready to get the biggest push that any major superstar has received in WWE history.

27 days after his debut, he was the first ever Universal Champion. Sadly, a buckle bomb from Seth Rollins, on to the barricade, the same move that ended Sting’s career, disables The Demon King’s push for good.

Since Seth ends up hurting people for real anyway (remember what happened to John Cena’s nose?), their comeback match may as well be a real life fight. And what better place to carry out a shoot fight than inside the Octagon, huh? Anyway, moving on...

#3 Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

WWE’s hottest angle needs to have a real life payoff some way

The Miz’s resurgence has come at the cost of mocking SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan’s inability to compete inside the ring. It is quite inexplicable that WWE keeps pushing this angle, week after week when it is obvious that there won’t be a match. Well, if that is the case, let these two men fight it out in the octagon.

We’re sure, considering how competitive both men are that the results will be explosive indeed. There are real emotions that will be involved from Daniel Bryan’s side, and real life ambition from The Miz’s who’ll see this as an opportunity to make waves and massive headlines.

Even if Dana White is not impressed with the quality of the match, we're sure he will be blown away by the quality of the promos from both these men.

#2- Shane McMahon vs. Triple H

Ownership of WWE contest

In this picture, you see them all smiling. But they won’t be smiling once they enter the octagon and start beating each other to absolute pulp. To make this match special, there could be a stipulation as well. The winner gets to control the company, after the retirement of Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Both Shane and Triple H are approaching the end of their professional wrestling careers, and so this could be a one and done deal for the keys to the biggest empire in sports entertainment history. We’re sure it means a lot to both these men, and the crowd will definitely be invested in a match with such stakes.

#1 John Cena vs Kenny Dykstra

It’s time for retribution, Big Match John

These days, two men who cannot stand each other, John Cena and Kenny Dykstra share the same locker room on SmackDown Live. We all remember their heat from the Mickie James incident, not so long ago.

This time, Kenny looks in phenomenal shape and we’re sure he needs an outlet to vent his anger. This can happen inside the Octagon when even a male cheerleader turns into a brutal beast. Of course, his opponent would ‘never give up’.

It would be a battle that has been brewing for several years, and we want Mauro Ranallo on commentary, just so he can say- ‘Oh my god, they killed Kenny Dykstra’, again.

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