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10 WWE vs non-WWE feuds that would be amazing

  • Will WWE reign supreme?
Harry Kettle
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 11:05 IST
Cena vs. Styles was a dream match for many

The independent wrestling scene is a two-headed monster in many ways. On the one hand, it provides fans with a refreshing change of pace from the sometimes tiresome WWE product, but on the other, fans of promotions like NJPW and ROH feel the need to talk about it 24/7. We get it, it’s great, now leave us to decide and shut up.

Of course, as with anything, dream matches are bound to entice people when it comes to comparing the two worlds, despite how unlikely they may be. Given the difference in styles, we aren’t too sure how these contests would end up, but it’s always fun to imagine right? Well, kind of.

Some of these names will be main eventers and others upcoming mid carders, but either way, there’s certainly room for growth when it comes to future crossover bouts. We’ve come a long way in the last few years in terms of companies working together, so perhaps the natural progression will see WWE team up with NJPW, ROH and more to make these bouts a reality.

Then again, maybe not. So with all of that being said – here are 10 WWE vs. non-WWE feuds that would be amazing.

#1 Will Ospreay vs. Randy Orton

Underdog vs The Apex Predator

The master of the dives vs. the master of the headlocks. It’s a match that’ll be built upon very real tensions, created when Randy issued a series of tweets that downplayed indie wrestling. It was a bold move from The Viper, and one that saw many fans change their opinion of the WWE veteran – meanwhile others chose to agree with him.

Whichever camp you fall into there’s no denying that there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument, with Ospreay representing both the good and the bad of the independent scene. Still, it’s pretty much a given that these two would put on an absolute barnstormer of a match – with Orton likely catching Will with a tremendous RKO.

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Published 14 Jun 2017, 03:48 IST
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