15 "Then & Now" photos of WWE superstars that will blow your mind

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch
Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch
Rohit Nath

The evolution of many top pro wrestlers and WWE superstars is quite a fascinating thing. If you've been a wrestling fan for many years or have consistently followed certain WWE superstars for many years, you now that their evolution as they reach the top not only involves a growth in skill and personality, but it involves a huge change in look as well.

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When superstars get started off, they aren't too sure as to what the best look for them is. For many superstars, they simply go with the flow, while other superstars tend to experiment with different hairstyles, different hair colours, etc.

In fact, it can even simply have to do with their body and the way they've changed physically due to the commitment they put in with their work outs. Either way, WWE recently did a "then and now" photoshoot - a brilliant concept which featured many top WWE stars posing with what looks like their older-self standing side-by-side. The concept itself is quite fascinating, but enough with that. Now we take a look at 15 WWE superstars and their incredible "Then & Now" photographs.

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#15. Daniel Bryan

The planet
The planet's saviour and The American Dragon

Very few superstars have undergone the type of change that Daniel Bryan has. Despite being a veteran when debtuing with WWE, he was treated as a rookie and he certainly had the look of a rookie as well.

There's little doubt that growing a beard helped with his marketability and in 2019, he remains as hot as ever, having come off an incredible heel reign as WWE Champion.

#14. Carmella

The Princess of Staten Island
The Princess of Staten Island

Carmella has really come a long way since her NXT debut. Being a part of Enzo & Cass, she was viewed as an essential third member, until she was forced to part ways and have a singles career.

Being the only one of the three left employeed in WWE, her career grows stronger every year.

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