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2 reasons why Alexa Bliss and The Fiend should split and 3 reasons why they shouldn'tย 

Alexa Bliss and The Fiend are one of the most popular WWE duos
Alexa Bliss and The Fiend are one of the most popular WWE duos
Kartik Arry
Modified 05 Apr 2021
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Who could have predicted Alexa Bliss' fate around last year's WrestleMania event? The pandemic era of WWE has featured many bizarre developments and The Fiend/Bray Wyatt's connection with Bliss stands out.

At the upcoming WrestleMania 37 pay-per-view, The Fiend will fight Randy Orton as part of their long-standing rivalry. Bliss has played an integral role in this saga as well. She carried out some important developments in the storyline during The Fiend's absence from WWE television between TLC 2020 and Fastlane 2021.

WWE has built a reputation around breaking up legitimate duos and factions in recent times. With that in mind, let's take a look at the reasons for and against a potential split between The Fiend and Alexa Bliss.

#1 Reason why Alexa Bliss and The Fiend shouldn't split โ€” Both characters bring out each other's strengths

Many WWE fans love Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt's partnership because of their on-screen chemistry. Both stars were clearly talented before they became associated with each other. However, Bliss and Wyatt's partnership has allowed them to create a safe space for their individual talents to flourish.

It is not easy to stand out in WWE's default landscape, where every man and woman wants to become a champion. However, Bliss and Wyatt have created a supernatural environment that is extensively detached from WWE's usual proceedings.

As a result, Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt's characters operate in a fictional universe with their own rules. Any other WWE Superstar that gets sucked into a feud with Bliss or Wyatt has to play their bizarre game. With the demonic duo in control, they have free reign to showcase each other's strengths on WWE television.


Alexa Bliss has only reached her excellent potential as a character since becoming associated with Bray Wyatt and his alter-ego, The Fiend. Meanwhile, Bliss has added a whole new dimension to The Fiend's creative arc as well.

If the stars split up, just like many WWE duos in recent memory, it would be a step back in terms of everything Bliss and Wyatt have created together.

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Published 05 Apr 2021, 18:53 IST
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