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2 reasons Brock Lesnar should cash-in his Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins and 2 he should cash-in on Kofi Kingston 

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Your New Mr. Money In The Bank, Brock Lesnar!
Ladies and Gentlemen! Your New Mr. Money In The Bank, Brock Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar has done it once again! He has again stolen the spotlight and rose to the top of the WWE without doing anything to earn it. 7 men were risking everything they had just for the sake of winning the Money In The Bank contract but Lesnar angered all the fans and left the other superstars disappointed with his shocking win.

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Sami Zayn was initially set to be a part of this match but he could not make it to the night's main event. Thus, it is being assumed that Brock Lesnar took Sami's place in the bout to take the honors home.

As Lesnar's last WWE appearance came at WrestleMania 35, which was before the Superstar Shakeup, it is unknown whether he is still a part of RAW or has he been moved to SmackDown. WWE's official website states him as a RAW Superstar but again there is a chance that he may appear on the blue brand thanks to the Wild Card Rule.

This has puzzled the fans as to where Lesnar is headed. Well, here we will have a look at the 2 reasons why he should cash-in on the Universal Champion Seth Rollins, and 2 why he should do so on the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

#4 Cash-in on Seth Rollins - Triple threat feud with Styles and Rollins

This feud has not ended yet
This feud has not ended yet

WWE's next American pay-per-view is Stomping Grounds. So, imagine Brock Lesnar successfully cashing in his contract at WWE Super ShowDown (during a match between AJ and Seth) and reclaiming the Universal title. This would draw nuclear heat towards the Beast Incarnate and put Styles and Rollins to the next level.

They can have a triple threat match at Stomping Grounds, where both the babyfaces would just decimate Lesnar and write him off forever. WWE can have either of AJ or Seth win the title just to defend it at SummerSlam against the man who lost the triple threat match.

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The feud between Styles and Rollins is far from over and by adding Brock Lesnar to the mix, WWE can take this rivalry to the ultimate level.

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