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2017, the year of.... :10 Superstars who could own the new year

Who will emerge as the leader of the pack in 2017?

2017 is set to be Strowman’s breakout year

2016 has been a year of exciting changes and overall evolution for WWE fans. We have witnessed the birth of a new era and we have seen some of the top free agents in the world signed to a WWE contract.

Bridges have burned, alliances were formed and new champions were crowned. Needless to say, the company is in an entirely different world than what many of us may have expected one year ago.

I'll be honest, I never imagined I'd see the day when AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura all held a major WWE Title at the same time. That alone is a fact worth celebrating. 

With Survivor Series at our door, this exciting year of change is quickly coming to a close. With that said, one can only imagine what the powers that be have in store for us in 2017.

Will the same top talent continue to set the pace, or will another fresh face emerge and take hold of those ever elusive brass rings? Anyone's guess is as good as the next, but no matter what happens, it's a pretty safe assumption that 2017 will deliver plenty of surprises of its own. 

Speaking of who will take the lead in the new year, I've taken a close look at all three rosters, Raw, Smackdown and NXT. Each of those rosters is stocked full of championship worthy talent, more than capable of leading the company throughout 2017.

But who will it be?

Well, I've narrowed those possibilities down to 10 possible superstars who could in fact, own the year. Take a look at the possibilities that I mention and let me know which ones you agree, or maybe disagree with.

Maybe there's someone I haven't mentioned, that you feel have a better shot at rising to the top?

Here's a look at my list of 10 Superstars who could own 2017.

#10 Braun Strowman

In less than two years, Strowman has risen to the top of his craft. 

It's hard to believe that Braun Strowman has only been wrestling for less than two years. It was December 2014 when the big mountain of a man got his professional wrestling career underway. Since that time, Strowman has been placed under the direction of Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family, where he thrived as the powerhouse of the faction.

Braun used his time in the Family wisely to improve and hone his skills, developing himself into one of the top big guys in all of professional wrestling today. 

Strowman has a huge opportunity ahead of him this Sunday as a member of Team Raw at Survivor Series. If he dominates, like many believe he probably will, I look for a huge push to come his way in the very near future.

Strowman could very easily be the one ordained to take the United States title away from Roman Reigns, which would be a monumental but highly rewarding ordeal for the monster athlete. 

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