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3 elements needed for a WWE PPV to be a classic


The view above WrestleMania 35
The view above WrestleMania 35

Even when they aren't having the best of years, WWE still manages to put on some pretty good PPV events. They simply have too much amazing talent on their roster to put on a dud every time. As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day - and this is just a worse case scenario, anyway.

However, there's a stark difference between a "good" - or even "great" - PPV event, and a "classic".

There are the wrestling events that you remember because they had a few great moments or one amazing standout match, and that's about it. Quick, without looking it up, other than John Cena vs CM Punk, what other matches from Money in the Bank 2011 do you remember?

That's not a knock on the other performers who were on that show, as that was a great PPV. But, it really wasn't a classic.

(Just on a side note - isn't it weird how we still call them 'PPV" events, even though Pay Per View is hardly the preferred format anymore? It's funny how some things just stick in our lexicon and refuse to budge.)

So, what makes a "classic" PPV? Well, that's obviously what we're here to discuss. Now, your own opinions on this subject might vary, and I invite any and all respectful discussion in the comments section below.

To me, a classic PPV needs three things:

#3 The matches

Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III
Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III

While this is actually the least important item on the list, it's the one the rest of the list hangs on. Plus, it's only a list of three, so it's still pretty important. It's not like it's "3 things needed for a WWE PPV to be a classic" and number three is, like, "hats" or something. Matches are still important.

In the world of Pro Wrestling, matches are what every story revolves around. They're how conflicts are resolved. It's pro wrestling, so sometimes the conflicts are a bit stupid - remember when Booker T and Edge had a match over a Japanese shampoo commercial? No, really, that actually happened.

Not every match needs an epic story behind it. Sometimes a great match can come out of a match between two guys fighting over a girl. Or a bag of money. Or an urn. Those all happened.

But a classic PPV will have great matches of all types, and for all different reasons.

I'll give you an example. WrestleMania III. Already, you're thinking of two matches right off the bat. Hogan vs Andre, and Savage vs Steamboat. Both are great matches, and both are great matches for vastly different reasons.

But, they both held up the rest of the event, and set the table for the one thing pro wrestling is better at than any other form of entertainment...

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