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3 heels with massive fan support heading into Stomping Grounds

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The Planet's Champions
The Planet's Champions

WWE has tried its best to switch their superstars from heels to faces to set up the perfect matches between their talents and give the audiences the best show possible. They urge their stars to change faces from time-to-time so that there is some variety in the product that they present and the storylines don’t become stale.

Despite their best efforts, the WWE Universe does not always respond positively to the plans that their writers have. Many times, the fans cheer for the heels, while they boo the babyfaces. The acceptance of an audience always plays a major part in the success of any storyline.

Keeping that in mind, there are a lot of rivalries going on at present and more top-notch matches to follow at Stomping Grounds. However, here are three heels who have massive fan support and will be cheered despite the storylines that they are part of.

#3 Samoa Joe

Fans are expecting Joe to bring some prestige back to US Title
Fans are expecting Joe to bring some prestige back to US Title

The charisma and mic skills that Joe has showcased since his move to the main-roster have drawn the audiences to him. He hasn’t been given the push that he deserves, yet has done justice to the roles that he has been asked to play. He has been playing the perfect heel and has gone up against some of the best baby-faces from the company.

Though he hasn’t been awarded titles until recently when he won the US Championship, he has attracted the audiences to his character and the fans really like him. The WWE Universe has always been on his side and wants him to put in more good promos that can really get them charged and excited to see the matches.

With that being said, when he faces off against Ricochet at Stomping Grounds, he will get the same support as he has been getting in recent times. Though he is a major heel in the company, the crowds don’t really boo him and enjoy both his mic and wrestling skills.

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