3 Possible Reasons Why Braun Strowman isn’t Getting the Final Push

Braun Strowman has become injury prone
Braun Strowman has become injury prone
Ali Akber

Since the past two years, Braun Strowman has enjoyed the spotlight in the WWE. Even though the Monster Among Men hasn’t gotten too many high-profile matches, he has had his fair share of bouts with elite wrestlers which has catapulted his value.

Even the Big Show and John Cena have helped put the big man over which has surely made the fans believe more in Strowman than they did when he was part of The Wyatt Family.

As an average promo cutter, Strowman’s size and strength have more than made up for his mic skills. He has managed to make a special name for himself and has gotten quite a lot of push from the company as they love to build on monsters.

However, not everything has gone Braun’s way in the WWE. The superstar has managed to win the Greatest Royal Rumble, the Raw Tag Team Titles for a few hours, and the Money in the Bank. Yet, he still hasn’t won an individual championship and has fallen flat on his face everytime the opportunity has arisen.

Giving the Money in the Bank briefcase to a man who deserved a championship shot even without the contract was sort of a slap in his face, and his failed attempt to cash it in showed that the WWE was holding him back from becoming a champion.

Another failed attempt came at Crown Jewel where he was the favorite to win the championship which was ultimately awarded to Brock Lesnar. This clearly showed that the WWE is not ready to give him that final push to become the champion.

After careful analysis of the reports at hand, we have managed to figure out 3 main reasons why the WWE is hesitant to crown Braun Strowman as a champion. Take a look at the reasons below and decide for yourself whether WWE is fair in not pushing Strowman forward.

#3 Backstage fallout

Braun has fallen out of the management's good books
Braun has fallen out of the management's good books

Recent reports have suggested that Braun Strowman’s attitude isn’t working well with the management of the WWE. No matter how much fans love a wrestler, it all boils down to how much the management wants to see the wrestler progress, and that seems to be the case for Strowman.

It’s surprising that Strowman has not yet won even a single real title, apart from his comic Raw Tag Team title win and the Greatest Royal Rumble belt. The reason given is that Strowman is his own worst enemy.

Whenever the WWE is on the verge of giving him the final push, Strowman does something backstage that makes the management change their mind. Recently, he’s been reported for arriving at the shows late and leaving early which hasn’t worked well with the management at all.

Even though for fans that may not seem like a big problem, since Brock Lesnar barely ever shows up to shows, but it does not fit well for a relatively newer wrestler who should be working hard to make a name for himself before getting laid back.

#2 Working with an injury

Braun is fighting a few injuries, especially to his knees
Braun is fighting a few injuries, especially to his knees

Braun Strowman stands 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 385 pounds. He’s a monster indeed that has rolled down almost every competition that has come in his way.

Being of such a large size has its advantages, and also its disadvantages. Even though he looks like a monster, acts like a monster, and beats up his opponents like a monster, he is battling his own injuries on the side.

Recent reports have suggested that Braun Strowman’s knees have been giving him trouble, and they are causing him real pain and difficulties. Strowman has done some incredible things onscreen, but that along with his workload may have taken a toll on the big man.

With the Universal Championship already having faced two relinquishes, the WWE won’t dare to put the title on a wrestler battling an injury to avoid any chances of future vacancies. Finn Balor and Roman Reigns’ have already been forced to vacate the title earlier.

That could be one of the biggest reasons for not pushing Braun Strowman ahead and making him the company’s top champion, and instead of putting the title on a fit wrestler who can carry the championship forwards.

#1 The Rise of Drew McIntyre

There's a new Monster on the block
There's a new Monster on the block

Drew McIntyre made his main roster return in grand fashion and hasn’t looked back ever since. In less than half a year, he has become the red brand’s top villainous character and destroyed many wrestlers in his path.

He’s worked so efficiently in his character that not only has he attacked the men he has faced, but also other wrestlers such as Finn Balor who has no rivalry with. This has allowed him to get the spotlight from the WWE Universe, and fans are cheering for him to go on to greater things already.

The return and rise of McIntyre have directly affected Strowman, who was the previous monster that the fans loved. Not that fans don’t love him anymore, but he has gotten direct competition with another monster who is also on a path of destruction.

Drew McIntyre has made a name for himself in almost no time, and there are rumors that he is in line for a big push soon. That push could be his ticket to the Universal Championship and could see Braun Strowman fall back just like Kane did a decade or so back.

McIntyre is an undeniable talent and a more well-rounded wrestler than Braun Strowman, who has lost some of his charisma due to his limited move-set and also his repeated storylines thanks to the WWE. One night we see him go after Roman Reigns, another night we see him call out McIntyre, and then Baron Corbin is thrown into the picture.

On the other hand, McIntyre’s progress has been kept more focused and he is attacking almost all the babyfaces equally, which shows that the WWE has a plan for him that is far better than the one for Strowman.

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