3 reasons why Becky Lynch can consider leaving WWE

Becky Lynch could be leaving WWE soon
Becky Lynch could be leaving WWE soon

Becky Lynch is just one of the WWE Superstars whose contract is rumored to end soon, and recent rumors may have indicated that there are no signs of her renewing her deal. This only grew stronger after losing the Women's World Championship this weekend.

Although Becky Lynch joined WWE in 2013, it wasn't until 2018 that she gained a lot of buzz and spotlight as The Man. Since then, she headlined WrestleMania, became a Grand Slam Champion, and more. However, recent reports state that her contract with the company will be up in a few days, and unlike some stars, there are no reports of her renewing it. As it turns out, she may have reasons why she wouldn't renew her deal.

For this list, we will look at three reasons Becky Lynch could consider leaving WWE.

#3. Becky Lynch can shift to a Hollywood career

A common path for superstars to venture into once they feel they have fulfilled their wrestling career is to venture into Hollywood. The most notable ones are John Cena, Batista, and The Rock. Recently, even Roman Reigns has been gearing up for a movie role.

Hollywood and Lynch are no strangers to each other. Last year, she was close to making her Marvel debut for The Eternals, but her post-credit scene was cut due to it being "too depressing." With this somewhat positive feedback, The Man could finally focus on her career as an actress.

#2. Becky Lynch has achieved everything in WWE


Becky has garnered several monikers in her time in the Stamford-based promotion. Some include The Man, Becky Two Belts, Big Time Becks, and much more, and there's a reason why.

Lynch is not just a former multi-time Women's Champion, but also a Grand Slam Champion and was one of the first women to Main Event WrestleMania. There are no more titles for Becky to achieve and no more records to break. She has already cemented herself as a legend of the sport and a very successful at that.

#1. Becky Lynch could now focus on her personal life

The Man's pregnancy announcement in 2020 was arguably one of the most memorable and emotional moments of her career. Since then, she has balanced her life as a mother and superstar. However, she could choose to focus on one.

Becky has been in the sport for decades and as mentioned above, she has already achieved everything that needs to be in her career. At this point in her life, she could focus on her role as the mother of Roux.

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