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3 reasons why Alexa Bliss' injury is a work and 3 that it isn't

Rohit Nath
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17 May 2019, 10:06 IST

Is Alexa Bliss really injured?
Is Alexa Bliss really injured?

So, based on WWE's announcement - it's official that Alexa Bliss has been pulled from her match at Money in the Bank. She was set to compete in the MITB ladder match for the second year in a row, but unfortunately, she hasn't been "medically cleared" to compete. Nikki Cross has replaced her as a result.

Now we'll address the reports later on in this article, but we just want to say that we sincerely hope that the rumours of her concussion are untrue. If that is the case, then it's nothing short of scary because it would be around the third concussion that Bliss has suffered since August last year.

Either way, this article is about exploring both sides of the coin and looking at reasons why it is a work and why it potentially isn't. Feel free to agree or disagree and voice your opinions in the comments below!

#3. Is a work - Nikki Cross storyline

Nikki Cross replaced Alexa Bliss in the MITB ladder match
Nikki Cross replaced Alexa Bliss in the MITB ladder match

This one is a no-brainer. WWE made a very logical move by beginning the Nikki Cross storyline. Either way, we don't believe that Alexa Bliss would be winning the MITB briefcase (further affirmed when she unhooked it on RAW).

This was the reason why they gave Nikki Cross the big win on RAW. With that, she became the defacto replacement for Alexa Bliss. While Cross was basically neglected the entire time since she began to appear on RAW (and even SmackDown, for that matter), she's finally in a solid storyline.

Now, even if she were to win the briefcase (which, again, we feel is unlikely), she already has a storyline set in stone to feud against Alexa Bliss afterwards. It's very possible that the entire idea was for Cross to replace Bliss so that they can have a solid mid-card feud immediately after Money in the Bank.

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