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3 reasons why Kevin Owens' face turn will fail and 3 it won't

Rohit Nath
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Published Jul 03, 2019
Jul 03, 2019 IST

A welcome change?
A welcome change?

In the latest WWE NEWS, On the 2nd July episode of WWE SmackDown Live, Kevin Owens finally turned babyface again. There was a very small period in between late February and WrestleMania where Owens was technically a babyface.

He was even a babyface when he temporarily replaced Big E in The New Day, only to turn on Kofi Kingston. Kevin Owens himself stated in an interview recently that he feels he's ready to try his hand as a babyface.

It's crazy to think about because Owens always struck people as someone who was naturally a heel. You don't even have to go back to NXT to see it. Seeing his run from 2015 to 2017 on the main roster alone should be enough reason to "prove" that Owens is a natural heel.

While that may be the case, it doesn't mean that Owens can't pull it off. We look at both sides of the story and why it won't work and why it will!

#3. Why it'll fail: He's a natural heel

Drew McIntyre had enough of KO
Drew McIntyre had enough of KO's talk

Kevin Owens, all said and done, is a heel through and through. While this shouldn't be a factor in outright stopping his run as a babyface, we've seen it time and again. When some people are natural heels, they simply can't be good babyfaces, no matter how organic the turn.

It's worked many ways vice versa as well but usually, when superstars establish themselves as natural heels for life, it's very difficult for fans to accept the transition (unless done to perfection) and for superstars to adapt to a new character.

Kevin Owens may find himself struggling as a babyface in the initial bit, but we hope that he manages to find a way to make it work. Otherwise, it'll be a quick turn back.

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