3 Ruthless Aggression Era stars who may headline the WWE Hall of Fame and 2 who may not

This was an interesting time period in WWE
This was an interesting time period in WWE's history.
Divesh Merani
Modified 22 Feb 2020

The Ruthless Aggression Era might not be the most prominently remembered period in WWE history. But the longevity of the stars created by the company during that era is second to none. That is why the Ruthless Aggression Era is fondly remembered.

A who's who of incredible wrestling talent made their name in the WWE during the mid-2000s, with some putting on excellent matches every week, some wowing the world with their godly strength, and some re-defining what it meant to be the face of the company.

Many Superstars became household names between 2002 and 2008, with some of them already having graced the WWE Hall of Fame. The likes of Edge and Kurt Angle have already been immortalized, while Batista is set to be inducted to the Hall this year.

Another few megastars will headline the prestigious WrestleMania weekend event in the future, but not everyone from this era will have that honor. Some might be just below the headlining act, while some simply will not make the Hall of Fame ever.

Here are three stars from the Ruthless Aggression Era who may headline the WWE Hall of Fame, and two who probably won't.

#5 Randy Orton (Will)

On his day, Orton is one of the greatest of all time.
On his day, Orton is one of the greatest of all time.

If you want to build a WWE Superstar from the ground up, you would get Randy Orton. This is a phrase that has been overused time and time again, but we can see why. On his day, there are very few better than the Viper.

He has been a consistent presence on WWE's full-time roster since the beginning of the Ruthless Aggression Era, first gaining prominence as the young stud of Evolution. While his face turn and removal from the group did not go down well, Orton recovered soon after.

His 'Legend Killer' gimmick made Orton one of the top stars in the company, taking him to a total of 13 world championships so far. Even today, we are witnessing the brilliance of a psychotic heel Randy Orton, as he prepares to face Edge at WrestleMania.

The 3rd generation Superstar has won everything there is to win in WWE and remains over after all these years. That, along with his longevity and evolution as a top-tier star makes him a guaranteed Hall of Fame headliner. It's been 16 years and counting.

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Published 22 Feb 2020
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