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3 superstars who could make their unexpected return this year 

  • These three superstars are suspected to make their unexpected return this year.
Anne Joseph
Modified 30 Jan 2020, 22:06 IST

Stars who might make a return this year
Stars who might make a return this year

Being a WWE Superstar is one of the riskiest jobs ever. Several superstars are out of the squared circle for several months due to injuries, other commitments or sometimes because they have the liberty to do so.

Edge made his return in the first PPV of this year, and he has already created headlines. He will mostly feud with Randy Orton who viciously attacked him on Raw last week. Edge was forced to retire after sustaining a life-threatening cervical spinal stenosis earlier in his career. His return to the squared circle shocked the Universe as it was very close to impossible.

There are several other superstars like Edge who are supposedly going to make their return this year. They have been out of the ring for a very long time, and their return would only stir a wave of excitement amongst their fans. Here is a list of three superstars who might make their return this year.

#3 Paige

Paige might make her return
Paige might make her return

Paige is one of the most talented superstars in the women's roster. She is the youngest woman to win the Diva's Champion, and she has also won several accolades which have made her a credible wrestler.

However, her career was cut short due to a spinal cord injury at an in-house show. She announced her retirement in 2018 and diverged to be the General Manager of Smackdown Live.

The 27-year-old recently posted a story on Instagram which features her in-ring gear. She also tweeted a picture of Edge saying that it gives people hope. All of these cryptic posts have raised hopes amongst the fans who are eagerly waiting for her return.

A screenshot of Paige
A screenshot of Paige's story

The young superstar who is only 27 years old has her entire career in front of her if she ever makes her return.

#2 Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan clears his premature retirement speculation
Jason Jordan clears his premature retirement speculation

Jason Jordan's shot to fame occurred when Kurt Angle announced that he is his son in a storyline. His fame and status accelerated, and it only stopped when he suffered from a neck injury that affected his grip, and that, in turn, forced him to take a hiatus. Before his injury, WWE had huge plans for the talented wrestler, and it was speculated that he would even compete against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35.

However, after his surgery, he was not cleared for an in-ring return, but WWE utilized him as a backstage producer. The role seemed like a logical fit for Jordan, who is known to be one of WWE's most promising in-ring performers. When all the reports pointed towards Jordan's premature retirement, he indicated in the fall of 2018 that he was actively pursuing an in-ring return.

The news which ignited Jordan's return was the former Olympian's recent interview with Chris Van Vliet (h/t WrestleTalk). He said

He’s good. I do expect him to come back. He’s still waiting. He’s still having problems with his circulation and using his left hand. So, he’s gonna have to wait a little bit longer. He might need another surgery. That might be the reason why he’s not functioning properly. He got his strength and his size back up. He looks just like he did before.

#1 Ronda Rousey

Rousey might make a stop at NXT
Rousey might make a stop at NXT

Unlike all the other superstars on the list, this superstar is out on a hiatus because she has the liberty to take a hiatus given her star status. Ronda Rousey is one of the most defining athletes of the 21st century, and she has achieved several accolades in her life. It would not be wrong if we say that she excels in everything she undertakes.

Rousey is the second-longest reigning Women's champion in WWE, and after she was defeated by Becky Lynch at WrestleMania last year, she decided to take a hiatus. It was speculated that her journey with WWE had come to an end, but it has been revealed that her contract stays active until April 2021.

While speaking to After the Bell, Rousey revealed that she wants a match against Rhea Ripley. She said,

Rhea Ripley. Oh my God, she is doing amazing. I would love to have a match with her someday. She matches up with everyone so differently and there are so many things she could really pull out of people that you can’t do with anybody else, so I’m really looking forward to seeing if we ever get that opportunity, but I’d love to get in the ring with her. She’s fantastic.

It would not be wrong if we speculate that Rousey might make her in-ring comeback this year because she has an opponent in mind and her contract is going to remain active for a while.

Published 30 Jan 2020, 22:06 IST
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