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3 things John Cena can do at Wrestlemania 35

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What could Cena do at Wrestlemania?
What could Cena do at Wrestlemania?

What would the WWE be like without John Cena? That was a question fans were asking themselves for years, as the name John Cena is synonymously affiliated with the WWE so much that two are indistinguishable from one another. However, this is a reality that WWE had to face, as John Cena's adventures in Hollywood went from a part-time masquerade to a full-time career, which sees the leader of the Cenation spend more time away from the WWE.

Rumors over the last few days have been running wild over the possibility of John Cena appearing at Wrestlemania, as many outlets have reported that WWE has a match or segment planned for the former World Champion at the showcase of the immortals. If the rumors prove to be accurate, then we could be in for a wild ride at Wrestlemania.

#1 A Sing-Along WIth Elias

A segment that could happen.
A segment that could happen.

Elias is one of the few or maybe the only superstar that failed in NXT but succeeded on the main roster, as WWE gave the drifter freedom to express himself every week on Monday Night Raw, and this saw Elias grow into an extremely popular prospect.

However, Elias' time on Raw has not always been easy for the talented artist, as somewhat terrible booking and negligence almost hindered Elias' career, but where talent exists no factor can derail it.

On a bloated Wrestlemania match card, Elias will receive the most unique segment on the show, as WWE booked Elias in a special Wrestlemania concert, and if Elias' recent performances are anything to go by, we could be sure that he will be interrupted by a high-profile superstar.

That superstar could be John Cena due to WWE not having enough time to craft a narrative for the sixteen time World Champion, and it wouldn't be a surprise if it actually is Cena.

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