3 things Vince McMahon made perfectly clear with The Fiend's loss to Goldberg

Let's forget this ever happened
Abid Khan
Modified 28 Feb 2020

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It's almost 20 hours (as of this writing) and like all of you, I am still having a hard time figuring out how on earth Goldberg managed to pin the Fiend in just three minutes.

Even though I get the entire nostalgia surrounding Goldberg, this might just be one of the biggest creative blunders in the company's history. Judging by the acclaim Bray Wyatt received for the inception of this menacing character, it's saddening to see that the Eater of Worlds will now be entering WrestleMania 36 without the Universal Championship.

With legions of fans expressing their grief over Goldberg's title win last night, one must wonder where The Fiend could go from here? Whilst a clash with John Cena sounds satisfying to many, it'll be very difficult to revive the minacious nature of the Fiend.

Without sounding like a naysayer, let's be realistic and dive into the 3 things Vince McMahon made perfectly clear with the Fiend's loss last night. Make sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts on what's next for The Fiend.

#1 They did it for Roman Reigns

Will the Big Dog outshine the Icon?
Will the Big Dog outshine the Icon?

One of the biggest reasons why The Fiend's loss last night pinches us all is because it now clears the road for Reigns to go out there and regain the Championship he never lost.

Even though the Big Dog has earned his respect between the ropes, he's still far, far away from being in the same conversation with the John Cena's and the Undertaker's of the business.

Judging by the way things were progressing on Friday Night SmackDown, a clash between Roman Reigns and the Fiend felt interesting for all the right reasons.

With Goldberg's victory now a subject of heated debate all over the wrestling world, it makes the Icon's encounter with the Big Dog even less interesting and more controversial.

#2 The Fiend is not the Undertaker

Where did it all go wrong?
Where did it all go wrong?

The Undertaker is understandably the greatest performer Vince McMahon's billion dollar company has ever seen or will ever see. And ever since Bray Wyatt made this horrifying transition into The Fiend and started affecting the psyche of his opponents, he gravitated the same vibe the Undertaker and Kane did back during the Attitude Era.

By altering the likes of Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan, Wyatt managed to find his way in the same space as the legendary Undertaker. Considering how The Phenom's entire aura is protected even today, the horrifying emergence of The Fiend and his continued dominance on the main roster felt like Vince finally had a legitimate superstar in his hands.

As encouraging as this push felt heading into Super ShowDown, Wyatt falling down to Goldberg's jackhammer and losing the coveted Universal Championship only proves that the Eater of Worlds is far, far away from grabbing the brass ring that the entire WWE Universe desperately wants him to reach.

#3 The Fiend is not indestructible

Disappointing, but that
Disappointing, but that's how it works

After Bray Wyatt returned to the squared circle as the Fiend, legions in the WWE Universe expected him to be ascend to the very top of the food chain.

And much to our pleasure, Vince and the WWE creative did exactly that. Bray Wyatt terrorized his way to become the biggest thing in the wrestling business and it literally felt like there's no stopping him.

But alas, that's not the case. Considering the fact that Wyatt's character work as The Fiend was outstanding, many still felt like he was one big victory away from becoming one of the all-time greats in the business.

Although many predicted him to go over Goldberg last night at Super ShowDown, his shocking loss suggests there's still loads of work to be done. After all these months of terrorizing the locker room with his antics, falling down right before WrestleMania makes all the talk of him being indestructible pretty erroneous to say the least.

Do you think the Fiend will find his way back to the top of the mountain anytime soon?

Published 28 Feb 2020
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