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WWE Smackdown : 3 unexpected endings to Kofi Kingston's gauntlet match on next week's SmackDown Live

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Kofi needs to fight 5 men on next week's SmackDown Live
Kofi needs to fight 5 men on next week's SmackDown Live

Tonight's SmackDown Live ended on a sour note for the fans, as the owner of the WWE struck again. Vince McMahon made it clear that he doesn't see Kofi as a main event player and will do everything in his power to make sure that Kofi doesn't become the WWE Champion.

The New Day did everything they could to convince the boss that Kofi has worked really hard for this but to no avail. Finally, Vince announced that Kofi will be competing in another gauntlet match on next week's SmackDown Live episode, against 5 superstars: Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, The Bar and Eric Rowan!

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There's little chance that Kofi doesn't advance to Mania to compete for the top prize. But what would end up happening in the gauntlet match on next weeks SmackDown? Let's delve into the possibilities.

#3 Kofi loses the match and snaps on Mr. McMahon

Will Kofi snap on Mr. McMahon?
Will Kofi snap on Mr. McMahon?

This is a long shot, but still, a possibility heading into the match. The Jamaican Superstar has been tested multiple times. He faced The Bar in a handicap match at WWE Fastlane and was beaten to a pulp. Tonight, Vince abused his authority again and put him in a gauntlet match on next week's SmackDown.

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Kofi loses the match after another hour of top-notch performance. A smirking Vince McMahon comes to the ring and announces that Kofi is out of the title picture. This could be the last straw for Kofi as he snaps and beats the tar out of Vince.

Just like how McMahon was glad when AJ slapped him months ago, Vince could say that he finally got the ruthless Kofi he had always wanted. Then Vince proceeds to give Kofi his title shot at Mania.


#2 Stephanie and Triple H change the decision

Could the couple hamper Vince's plans?
Could the couple hamper Vince's plans?

As I had previously discussed in detail, we are heading towards a big McMahon vs McMahon rivalry that would end with the control of WWE shifting from Vince McMahon to Triple H and Stephanie. Vince's decisions over the past few weeks have proved that a power struggle is on the horizon.

Kofi will manage to pin around half of the Superstars he's about to face but would fall prey to Orton or Rowan. Suddenly, Triple H comes out, much to the annoyance of Vince. The Game ends up changing Vince's decision and puts Kofi in the WWE Title match at WrestleMania. This triggers a chain of events that could lead to Triple H taking on a wrestler chosen by Vince at Summerslam 2019, for the control of WWE.

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