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3 WWE Superstars who were recently suspended and 2 who are probably not 

Is Samoa Joe suspended by WWE?
Is Samoa Joe suspended by WWE?
Ishaan Sharma
Modified 07 Feb 2020, 16:31 IST
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WWE is very strict when it comes to their wellness policy. Any full-time competitors who violate the rule get immediately suspended from the company for 30 days (if it’s their first violation). The suspension time increases if the wrestler fails another test.

In 2016, WWE suspended 7 wrestlers and in the next three years, they had no wellness policy violations. Although the company’s policy has raised many questions, it should be noted that they are very stringent with their rules.

Nobody is exempt from this kind of situation. In the past few weeks, WWE has suspended quite a few Superstars for breaking the wellness policy, but the company didn’t release a detailed explanation regarding the suspensions.

Its been rumored that several other Superstars have endured the same fate, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Keeping that in mind, here are 3 WWE Superstars who were recently suspended and 2 who are rumored to be suspended.

#3 Recently suspended: Primo Colon

Primo didn
Primo didn't fail any WWE drug test

Primo Colon hasn’t been seen on WWE television in a long time. The reason for this is that the company doesn’t have any plans for him. In 2019, he was suspended for violating WWE’s wellness policy. Apparently, Primo failed to show up for the test and under the company’s terms and conditions, it means that the Superstar has failed the test entirely. 

He received a 30-day suspension. At first, many fans weren’t aware of the reason he got suspended but while speaking to Primera Hora, Primo stated: 

“I was not on the road, I was not scheduled for any event in the near future,” he told the publication. “I am in Puerto Rico when they call me suddenly, not to use me, but to travel to do a doping test. I was ready to do it, but I told them that I was in Puerto Rico and that I was willing to go to a place that they chose to test me without any problem, without any discomfort. I was not going to pay for a trip to just get tested for doping.”
“I didn’t hear anything from the company about it and I thought they were going to call me when they found a place to do the test. Almost two months pass and I get the letter that I am suspended, according to them, because I refused to take the test. And that is not correct. They took it as I was out of the country, but I was available,” Colon added.

It’s February now, and Primo’s suspension has expired. He’s still contracted to WWE until October 2020, but Vince McMahon probably has no plans to use him at all.

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Published 07 Feb 2020, 16:31 IST
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