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3 WWE superstars who will miss WrestleMania 35 and 3 who won't

Rohit Nath
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12 Mar 2019, 21:12 IST

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WrestleMania 35 season is approaching, and naturally, the big question is as to who is going to return and who isn't. Every year, there is an unfortunate small portion of superstars who are forced to miss WrestleMania because of injury, and then there are those who have no presence on the card whatsoever because of no plans for them.

With regard to the latter, that's probably why the two battle royals were introduced. However, with some superstars, it just feels as though they don't deserve to be stuck in a match for the sake of it.

The sad reality is that no matter how hard WWE tries, not everyone can get on the card. Regardless, there are some major superstars that are set to miss WrestleMania this year. The good news is that the card is extremely stacked, and it hardly even feels like there's a need for part-timers. Here are some superstars who will miss WrestleMania, and some who won't.

#3. Will miss - Bray Wyatt

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This is a real shame because Bray Wyatt hasn't really suffered any injury since his extended hiatus pre-Summer of 2018. WWE likely decided that Bray Wyatt needed an extensive break so he could make a big return to television, but the hiatus that he's gotten is longer than most injury periods.

While we do admit that there is a slight chance he returns in some form, it seems to be the case where WWE will hold him back until the RAW or SmackDown after WrestleMania.

Either way, when he does return, it's going to be really interesting to see the direction that he takes. At one point of time, WWE had a very hot babyface in their hands, only to squander it. A babyface run would most certainly be very refreshing for Wyatt.

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