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4 Biggest reasons why Triple H is frustrated with Vince McMahon

Abid Khan
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19.32K   //    16 May 2019, 20:01 IST

Rumors are running rampant
Rumors are running rampant

Whilst legions in the internet wrestling community are enticed by what transpires within the squared circle, the action behind-the-scenes has an entirely separate fanbase.

Wrestling fans who live and breathe Vince McMahon's billion dollar company are constantly seen monitoring dirt sheets to get a more detailed analysis on what might be going down near the gorilla position.

With heated backstage encounters becoming a thing in WWE now, the constant decline in viewership intertwined with the vehement criticism of the fans has become a subject of concern within the WWE management.

If recent rumors are anything to take into consideration, then it is none other than Triple H who is losing patience with Vince McMahon's creative decisions backstage.

Confirmed by an insider on Wade Keller's podcast, a close associate of the company's writing staff threw some significant light on the entire backstage situation surrounding The Game and The Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon.

The entire podcast brings to light the tensions growing backstage among WWE management whilst showering some credibility to The Game who is often seen consoling his NXT superstars.

With the introduction of 'Wild-Card Rule' after an extremely disappointing Superstar Shake-Up, this article will dive deep and analyze the 4 biggest reasons why Triple H is extremely frustrated with Vince McMahon.

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#1 The constant decline in viewership and immediate failure of the 'Wild-Card Rule'

Is Vince listening to the audience?
Is Vince listening to the audience?

One of the biggest reasons why Triple H is getting frustrated with The Chairman of the Board is the constant decline in viewership and ratings.

With numbers hitting a record low for more times than one, the situation has coerced the WWE management to make some serious alterations in the way they are advancing storylines on the main roster.

While the fans have always welcomed the possibility of fresh feuds and match-ups, the overall feel of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live has become pretty similar and stale.

Taking Triple H's work down in NXT into account, the widely applauded developmental brand has proved successful in bringing quality in-ring action and engaging narrative to our screens.

Moreover, The Cerebral Assassin recently liked a tweet on Twitter that addressed the array of disappointing stories being presented on a week-to-week basis, and while the former WWE Champion's appreciation might feel accidental, it somehow fits the entire scheme of things now.

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