4 Current Superstars who have never tapped out in WWE

  • Shane McMahon warned Roman tonight that he'll hand him his first Submission defeat at WWE Super ShowDown!
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Tapping out to the opponent is a huge embarrassment for any wrestler!
Tapping out to the opponent is a huge embarrassment for any wrestler!

Shane McMahon mentioned tonight on the RAW before WWE Super ShowDown that he'll make Roman Reigns tap out this Friday for the first time in his career. Yes, it indeed is true that The Big Dog is yet to face a tap-out defeat in his career.

The act of tapping out or submitting is considered to be a more humiliating defeat than the one via a pinfall as tapping out is "quitting" against your opponent's strength. In the kayfabe world of WWE, there have been instances of even top stars being submitted. The likes of Triple H, John Cena, and even the Beast Brock Lesnar have all lost matches in WWE by tapping out.

But then there are some superstars who avoided this shame and have never tapped out inside a WWE ring. In this article, let's take a look at the 4 Current WWE Superstars who have never tapped out in WWE.

Please Note: This article only talks about their career in WWE, hence them tapping out in some other promotion does not count

# Hon'able Mentions: AJ Styles and The Undertaker

The Phenomenal One and The Phenom!
The Phenomenal One and The Phenom!

The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles and The Dead Man, The Undertaker have both never lost a match in WWE via submission. It is indeed tough to imagine a superstar of their calibre tapping out to any opponent. But in reality, these superstars have actually tapped out but didn't lose the match due to different reasons.

AJ Styles tapped out to Samoa Joe during their WWE Championship match at Hell in a Cell 2018, but the referee did not see that as he was counting a pin at the same time. Styles managed to win that match later on. Styles also once tapped out to both Cena and Ambrose in a double submission, but the match was restarted due to the confusion of the winner.

The Undertaker, on the other hand, has also been involved in a similarly confusing situation when he pinned Kurt Angle while tapping out to him at the same time in a match on SmackDown.


The Dead Man also famously tapped out to the Beast Brock Lesnar during their encounter at SummerSlam 2015. In this case, the referee didn't notice it but the timekeeper saw it and rang the bell that led to a whole lot of confusion before the referee announced to restart the match.

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Published 04 Jun 2019, 11:00 IST
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