Major reunion, contractual obligations, and more - 4 reasons Bray Wyatt didn’t appear at WWE Clash at the Castle

Why didn
Why didn't The Eater of Worlds return at WWE Clash at the Castle?

WWE Clash at the Castle is now in the history books. The show was incredible, but it missed one thing: Bray Wyatt.

For those unaware, Wyatt was rumored to make an appearance at the event hours before the show started. Unfortunately, he didn't return to the company on September 3.

Bray was a major name in WWE before being released in 2021. He hasn't wrestled on television ever since. If you're wondering about the reason behind his absence, we've got some theories right here for you.

Here are four potential reasons Bray Wyatt didn’t appear at WWE Clash at the Castle.

#4. Bray Wyatt is not (yet) with the company

BREAKING: Bray Wyatt very close to sign a multi million dollar deal with WWE. "After recent negotiations WWE and Wyatt are close to a multi-million dollar deal that sees Bray Wyatt terrorizing the WWE Universe for years to come."#WWE #WrestlingTwitter

While many rumors and reports in professional wrestling are true, this case might be different from others.

This time, the rumors might be false and The Eater of Worlds isn't with the company yet. Considering Triple H's recent moves, WWE may have contacted the former superstar, but that doesn't mean that a contract has been signed yet.

However, we cannot rule out the possibility that Bray Wyatt could still make a much-awaited comeback soon.

#3. No plans

It is sometimes difficult to book Wyatt considering he has two sides
It is sometimes difficult to book Wyatt considering he has two sides

Even if Bray Wyatt has signed a contract with the company, it will take time to come up with interesting plans.

Fans might remember that Cody Rhodes made a comeback after over a month of rumors that he'd signed with WWE, just because the promotion was looking for the perfect stage for his return.

That might certainly be the case with Wyatt. Considering that the Undisputed WWE Universal Title is already in sight of Karrion Kross, the company could wait for some time to book a perfect return.

#2. Not the right time

Drew McIntyre shared a moment with Tyson Fury at WWE Clash at the Castle
Drew McIntyre shared a moment with Tyson Fury at WWE Clash at the Castle

WWE Clash at the Castle was a special event, being the UK's first stadium show in over 30 years. While WWE did a great job featuring UK stars like Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, both were unable to win their matches for the home crowd.

Booking Bray Wyatt in the main event of the show might not have been the best decision. After a night where Drew McIntyre couldn't defeat Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed World Championship, a return from the former Universal Champion might have overshadowed The Scottish Warrior's excellent performance.

It was pleasing to see Drew McIntyre have his moment with his fans and Tyson Fury after the main event match.

#1. An upcoming reunion after WWE Clash at the Castle?

PWInsider: Braun Strowman is returning to WWE & will be at this Monday's. #WWERAW.

Bray Wyatt might not have returned at WWE Clash at the Castle because the promotion already has some interesting plans for the superstar.

According to a recent report from PWInsider, Braun Strowman could make a return on this week's episode of RAW. If so, it might be best to hold Wyatt's return for now.

Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt were members of one of the most feared WWE factions of all time, The Wyatt Family, which also consisted of Eric Rowan and the late Luke Harper.

The company may be planning a reunion with Strowman and Wyatt both rumored to be returning to the company. If the two are set to reunite, fans could see dream feuds against the likes of The Bloodline, Imperium, and The Judgment Day.

Do you think the former Fiend will return to WWE in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you're wondering if Wyatt is in the famous WWE 2K22 video game, here is the answer.

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