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4 Times Brock Lesnar lost his cool

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You don't get on Brock Lesnar's nerve!
You don't get on Brock Lesnar's nerve!

People who have worked with Brock Lesnar over the years pointed out on multiple occasions that Lesnar was not always a friendly co-worker. 

The former multiple time WWE Champion is known to be a Beast inside the ring, but sometimes he couldn't help himself from losing his cool either backstage or during a match.

He had various altercations with fellow wrestlers and officials over the years and came out of the scuffle unscathed because of his position in the company.

The Beast Incarnate had this reputation even in his pro football career. Lesnar had a brief stint with the Minnesota Vikings in 2004, for whom he played in several pre-season games. 

During one game with the Kansas City Chiefs, an opposition player had some derogatory comments about Lesnar’s teammate Daunte Culpepper. On their next match, Lesnar channelled his inner pro-wrestler and took the player to suplex city.

It’s an example of why one should not get on the wrong side of the Beast Incarnate. There are various backstage and in-ring altercations over the years, and let’s look at four incidents in brief.

#4 When he felt betrayed by John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012

It was just the beginning!
It was just the beginning!

Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE after eight years in 2012 and immediately started a feud with the company’s poster boy John Cena.

The two squared off in an extreme rules match at the titular PPV in April 2012. WWE had Cena go over Lesnar but made sure Lesnar dominated most of the match only to go down to Cena’s four moves of doom. 


WWE booked Cena to get stretchered out of the arena after the match so Lesnar would look strong. But Cena got back on his feet and cut a promo before leaving.

The sudden change in booking had Lesnar throw a tantrum backstage, and it took the officials so long to console the Raging Beast. Lesnar got one over Cena at SummerSlam 2014 squashing him to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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