4 Times WWE Superstars held a singles championship together

Some WWE Superstars have held championships together, both officially and unofficially
Some WWE Superstars have held championships together, both officially and unofficially

To be a champion in WWE is to be at the top of the industry. Many work their entire careers just to earn a chance to hold a significant title in the promotion.

Believe it or not, holding a singles championship in WWE typically means a superstar is a sole champion. The sole owner of the title defends their belt on their own without a tag team partner. That seems obvious.

Despite that, there have been times in the past when two superstars have held a singles championship together or they've attempted to do so. While it has rarely worked out in their favor, each incident was fascinating.

So, which superstars have held a singles title with another wrestler in the past? What was the reasoning behind it? And which title did they share with another WWE Superstar?

Below are just four times WWE Superstars have held a singles championship together.

#4. The Revival held the WWE 24/7 Championship together at the same time

The Revival
The Revival

The Revival was a WWE tag team comprised of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. Together, the pair held every set of tag team championship available to them in the company. This includes the NXT Tag Team Championship, the RAW Tag Team Championship, and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. However, this isn't the only gold they have held in the promotion.

On the August 12th, 2019, edition of Monday Night RAW, the pair were in a tag team match against The Lucha House Party. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth ran out and entered the ring only to be attacked by The Revival. They quickly pinned him at the same time and were rewarded the title.

They were the first and are presently the only tag team to hold the 24/7 Championship together at once. While the win was historic for that reason, it didn't last particularly long. R-Truth pinned Scott Dawson that same night to win the championship back.

Today, The Revival is known as FTR. They compete for All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor. They are the current reigning ROH Tag Team Champions and hold several international tag team titles as well.

#3. Edge and Mick Foley called themselves co-Hardcore Champions

Mick Foley and Edge
Mick Foley and Edge

Edge and Mick Foley have had quite the dynamic together. While both superstars were active and competing full-time during the Attitude Era, they somehow never managed to have a match together. Later, when Mick Foley retired and became the commissioner of the World Wrestling Federation, he regularly had entertaining skits with Edge and Christian. Many still consider their vignettes as highlights of the era to this very day.

In 2006 when Foley was semi-retired, he and The Rated R Superstar came to blows over a guest referee spot gone awry. Edge accused Foley of sabotaging his attempt to dethrone John Cena. The two went on to have an incredible match at WrestleMania 22 that included barbed wire and even fire.

Following their epic bout, the two were set to collide again in a triple threat match on RAW that also featured Tommy Dreamer. Instead of going to war again, however, they instead united to beat up Dreamer. Both declared themselves to be "Hardcore Legends" at the end of the contest.

In a gesture of goodwill, the legend attempted to give the future Hall of Famer the retired WWE Hardcore Championship. Edge would, in turn, do the same for Mick, but neither would accept the title. As a result, Foley and Edge had Lilian Garcia announce them as co-Hardcore Champions. While the reign isn't official, the two carried on the charade until after ECW One Night Stand.

#2. LayCool literally split a championship in half

Layla and Michelle McCool were part of a new generation of female superstars in the latter half of the 2000s. While they didn't have much interaction initially, the two began teaming up in the summer of 2009. Their dynamic evolved during this period, and they were often given mic time each week.

In 2010, Vickie Guerrero had Beth Phoenix defend the Women's Championship against both members of LayCool in a handicap match. Layla picked up the win and became the official champion, but they called themselves co-champions. They walked around with two of the same titles, and McCool even defended the belt in Layla's place at times.

Teddy Long forced the duo to give up one of their belts in order to make them stop this co-champion charade. They did as requested, only for the other belt to rip in half. As a result, they continued calling themselves co-Women's Champions.

The pair continued this routine until the WWE Women's Championship was unified with the Divas Championship. Once McCool held the new belt, they again called themselves co-champions. The two superstars sharing the belts may not be considered official by World Wrestling Entertainment, but it did make for intriguing stories.

#1. Chris Jericho and Chyna held the WWE Intercontinental Championship together

The WWE should also recognize Chyna as a 3x Intercontinental Champion! On the Dec 30th 1999 episode of Smackdown she battled champion Chris Jericho. The match ended with both wrestlers pinning each other! Stephanie McMahon declared them Co-Champions! This was later rescinded.

Chris Jericho and Chyna have both made their mark on professional wrestling. Chyna is in the WWE Hall of Fame, and Jericho will no doubt be inducted someday in the future. Both are also known for their Intercontinental Championship reigns.

Chyna is the only woman ever to hold the title. Meanwhile, Jericho has held the Intercontinental Title the most times with nine reigns as champion. They're also notable for having been co-champions in the past.

The two stars engaged in a feud in the latter half of 1999 and early 2000. They traded wins, and the title bounced back and forth between the legends. On the December 28th edition of SmackDown, the two managed to pin each other simultaneously. Stephanie McMahon declared the pair as co-Intercontinental Champions.

A triple threat match was later made where the two stars would compete alongside Hardcore Holly at the 2000 Royal Rumble event. Jericho picked up the win and was thus considered the sole champion. WWE doesn't recognize Chyna's co-champion reign. Instead, The Wizard was considered the lone champion from before December 28th until he eventually lost the belt to Kurt Angle in February.

While two superstars sharing a singles championship has rarely been legal, it has been attempted on more than one occasion. If nothing else, the superstars of WWE certainly have creative ways to hold onto their titles.

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