4 ways the Good Brothers could return to WWE SmackDown

The Good Brothers could potentially make a return to WWE SmackDown
The Good Brothers could potentially make a return to WWE SmackDown

The Good Brothers could potentially find their way back to WWE. That's at least what some fans are hoping for following the recent news that has circulated over Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

According to Fightful Select, the pair were set to become free agents. They have been working with Impact Wrestling and even hold the company's tag team belts. For now, it appears they'll be working with the company until later in the summer.

Once the former RAW Tag Team Champions do potentially leave Impact Wrestling, they have several possible destinations. The duo has worked for New Japan, All Elite Wrestling, and Ring of Honor in the past and could likely return at some stage. A return to WWE, however, is also possible.

If the former RAW Tag Team Champions were to return to World Wrestling Entertainment, there's a wealth of talent they could battle against or even team up with. The pair have had history with many wrestlers, but there's also many they've never competed against. They've also never held gold on SmackDown.

How can Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson return to the Blue brand? Who might the Good Brothers feud with or team up with?

Below are 4 possible ways the Good Brothers could return to WWE SmackDown.

#4. They could renew their rivalry with The New Day

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson offer a look into the future of The New Day. Introducing "The Old Day". #WWE #Raw

The New Day is one of the most popular and successful teams in WWE history. As a trio, The New Day has nearly a dozen tag team championships reigning under their belt. The group has also led to solo success for each member. Both Big E and Kofi Kingston are former WWE Champions and Xavier Woods won the King of the Ring in 2021.

When the Good Brothers were last in WWE, they feuded with the popular faction. Both teams had some outlandish segments that left the audience split. Some found the feud hilarious, while others hated the direction that was taken.

If Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were to return to WWE, they could potentially reignite their rivalry. This time, however, the feud may end up being a bit more personal.

#3. The Good Brothers could mock Max Dupri's Maximum Male Models

Maximum Male Models is the newest group in WWE. Max Dupri arrived on the Blue brand a few months ago where he promised to recruit models who could titilate the juices of fans' guilty pleasures.

Since then, he has recruited the powerhouse Mace and the talented Mansoor to join his faction. The tag team would be perfect for Gallows and Anderson to feud with. The Good Brothers are witty and like to joke around, so making fun of the team of models is right in their wheelhouse.

The Maximum Male Models' future is somewhat unknown and there has been speculation over Max Dupri's future. His kayfabe sister Maxxine Dupri recently debuted, potentially taking over his role in the faction. It is possible that they will run the group together, but for now that remains to be seen. Regardless, the faction could be ripe for the pickings for the Good Brothers.

#2. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson could unite with Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura
Shinsuke Nakamura

The King of Strong Style was one of the biggest and most beloved stars in New Japan. He then joined NXT and WWE where he's captured numerous championships and fans all over the world adore Nakamura.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's Bullet Club faction were the opposition to Shinsuke Nakamura and CHAOS in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It is certainly possible that ill will or resentment remains between the stars. A more interesting approach may be to not go that route, however.

Due to their history as rivals, perhaps the Good Brothers and Shinsuke Nakamura have found some level of mutual respect for one another. If they have, instead of being foes, they might team up. Nakamura certainly needs help with The Bloodline.

#1. They could challenge The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Jimmy and Jey Uso
Jimmy and Jey Uso

The Usos are arguably the greatest team WWE has had in two decades. While Edge, Christian, The Hardys, and The Dudleys dominated the Attitude Era, The Usos have dominated tag team wrestling for the past ten years.

The twin brothers currently hold both the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. They are set to compete against The Street Profits at SummerSlam 2022 with Jeff Jarrett as the special guest referee.

The Good Brothers feuding with The Usos in the future could be extremely intriguing. Both teams have had a tremendous amount of success, with Gallows and Anderson being particularly successful in Japan. Two of the biggest teams of the past decade colliding would make for compelling television.

For now, it remains unseen whether Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will return to World Wrestling Entertainment. If the pair do return to the company, there's a lot of interesting stories and matches awaiting them.

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