4 Ways Solo Sikoa can gear up for Roman Reigns' imminent WWE return

Roman Reigns is expected to confront Solo Sikoa upon his WWE return [Images from WWE.com]
Roman Reigns is widely expected to confront Solo Sikoa upon his WWE return [Images from wwe.com]

Since Roman Reigns was dethroned as Undisputed WWE Champion, Solo Sikoa has taken the mantle as The Bloodline's de facto leader. The Tribal Chief has not been seen since The Showcase of the Immortals, taking a well-deserved break after a record-shattering title run. In his absence, The Tribal Heir has remodeled the faction, kicking out Jimmy Uso and bringing in Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa.

Sikoa is expected to feud with Reigns upon the latter's impending return, but many fans feel he isn't ready to hold his own yet. The prevailing opinion in the WWE Universe is that The Street Champion of the Island facing The Head of the Table would be a mismatch, and this has affected interest levels for the potential rivalry. How can this be remedied?

Here are four ways Solo Sikoa can level up in anticipation of Roman Reigns' impending return to WWE.

#4 Solo Sikoa can bring gold to his version of The Bloodline before Roman Reigns returns to WWE

One of the hallmarks of The Bloodline under Roman Reigns' leadership was the group's relentless pursuit of gold. From the faction's inception up until WrestleMania XL, Reigns was the world champion, and for a big chunk of that, The Usos were the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. The group's dominance over the rest of WWE made it highly popular among fans.

Solo Sikoa's Bloodline is unlikely to scale the same heights, but having gold in the group would go a long way in elevating everyone involved. The Street Champ of the Island winning the United States or NXT Championship would be a good way to raise his stock before Reigns' re-emergence.

Alternatively, Tonga and Loa winning tag team gold would raise Sikoa's stock by making him a leader of champions.

#3 Solo Sikoa can prove himself in a singles feud with a main event-caliber superstar

Sikoa could prove his main event credentials in singles action against top SmackDown stars [Image source: wwe.com]
Sikoa could prove his main event credentials in singles action against top SmackDown stars [Image source: wwe.com]

When Solo Sikoa arrived on the WWE main roster, his main function was to serve as Roman Reigns' enforcer. The Tribal Heir protected The Head of the Table's reign, often acting as the final obstacle for challengers and interfering in the latter's title matches. He rarely had singles feuds of his own, with the notable exception being a short-term rivalry with John Cena culminating at Crown Jewel 2023.

Sikoa has excelled in the upper mid-card role, but now that he's potentially set to face Reigns, he needs some main event feuds under his belt. A singles rivalry against someone like Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, or Cody Rhodes would go a long way in establishing the former Enforcer as a headlining force. This would set him up nicely to face his long-time mentor whenever the latter returns.

#2 Solo Sikoa can officially align himself with The Rock or Jacob Fatu against Roman Reigns

There are very few WWE Superstars today who can say they are near or on the same level as Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief is arguably the biggest star in the entire business and has spent the past four years raising his legacy to heights rarely seen before. Not many stars bring the same kind of star power to the ring, and Solo Sikoa has yet to join the illustrious club.

However, Sikoa has some unique tools at his disposal to get fans excited for a confrontation with The Head of the Table. Arguably, the biggest ace up his sleeve is having the potential backing of The Rock and/or Jacob Fatu. The Final Boss' position on the TKO board and as an elder in the Anoa'i family could give The Tribal Heir some much-needed legitimacy in fans' eyes.

Additionally, having a headliner like Fatu in his corner would give him a powerful advantage over Reigns that Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa simply can't provide.

#1 Solo Sikoa can use Paul Heyman against Roman Reigns

Of all the weapons Solo Sikoa has in his arsenal to potentially hurt Roman Reigns with, there's arguably none as potent as Paul Heyman. The Wiseman has been at Reigns' side since The Bloodline's inception, often acting as the secret weapon to the latter's success. However, Heyman could end up being The Tribal Chief's biggest weakness, especially if he returns to WWE as a babyface.

If and when Sikoa feels like picking a fight with his cousin, The Special Counsel will be a big weakness for The Tribal Heir to exploit. Whether he attacks, humiliates, or casts the 2024 Hall of Famer out of The Bloodline, this is sure to raise fans' interest levels in his feud with Reigns. It looks like the likeliest route for Triple H and his team, so the question is: When will they pull the trigger?

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