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4 Wrestlers that should have been Mr. Money in the Bank and 3 that shouldn't

Kartik Seth
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 16:21 IST

The most breath taking match in WWE history.
The most breathtaking match in WWE history.

The 9th Annual Money in the Bank is now only 2 days away and, despite an underwhelming build to all the matches on the card, we could not be more excited about it. With 2 star-studded MITB Ladder matches and a Last Man Standing match that promises to steal the show, this edition has all the ingredients to be one of the best show of the year if presented properly and ends on a satisfying note.

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However, you can never trust WWE for living up to the expectations of the fans in the modern age of wrestling. It is just impossible to predict the winners of the match, and it is really hard to change WWE's mind when they are adamant about a result.

When it comes to MITB Ladder matches, WWE has often produced winners that didn't deserve to win but still got the nod ahead of other deserving candidates.

We can only predict who might get their hands on the briefcase this Sunday. Until then, here are the 4 Superstars who should have and 3 who shouldn't have been Mr. Money In The Bank.

Wrestlers Who Should Have Won The Briefcase

#4 Chris Jericho

The inventor of this master piece.
The inventor of this masterpiece

Chris Jericho is the type of Superstar that comes only once in a generation. The man is a legend who is phenomenal both inside the ring and on the mic, he has won every possible title in the WWE and has reinvented himself multiple times. Jericho has accomplished everything in this business. Well, almost everything.

It is quite a wobbling fact that Jericho, who has been in WWE for almost 20 years now, has never won either a Royal Rumble or a Money in the Bank briefcase, two of the most important matches in WWE right now.

Jericho has been part of 5 different MITB ladder matches till date and deserved to win the match at least once, but the closest he came was getting his leg etched between the ladders as CM Punk unhooked the briefcase in 2008 right when he should have won. Jericho deserved a win, not because of the fact that he was the inventor, but because he is a way more logical option than a number of exciting winners.

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Published 15 Jun 2018, 21:24 IST
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