4 WWE gimmicks from 2005 that you had forgotten about (but were very good)

CHAIN GANG: The year 2005 was a stand-out year for a certain John Cena
CHAIN GANG: The year 2005 was a stand-out year for a certain John Cena
Adam Cailler

The year 2005 was a strange year for WWE. It was as if it was going through what, in footballing terms, would be called a transitional season. Older wrestlers, such as Hulk Hogan and an already retired Stone Cold Steve Austin were coming to the end of their time in the company, while mainstays such as Chris Jericho were leaving for pastures new. But to combat this, several of the mid-card wrestlers, who were just starting to be known as Superstars, were repackaged into gimmicks that most readers would probably have forgotten about.

And while these repackaged wrestlers were helping to strengthen the roster, new, younger and fresher talents were coming through from Ohio Valley Wrestling and taking over - this was the breakout year for a certain Chain Gang leader, Mr John Cena... I wonder whatever happened to him?

The transition became even more obvious when, in June, ECW had its first reboot with the inaugural One Night Stand Pay Per View. This further strengthened the roster with the likes of RVD returning, and the Dudley Boys reuniting.

And then there was the draft.

It was an odd draft, which lasted a full month, and was announced a month in advance. This was to be repeated only one other time - this year, and it did not do well. But in 2005, it really worked, especially for RAW, with Kurt Angle and Cena making waves on the flagship show.

Now, thanks to the fantastic WWE Network, we have been binge-watching the years 2000-2005, and have decided to shine a light on four wrestlers from the year 2005 that you might have forgotten had either debuted, repackaged or shone brighter than ever before.

What are your memories of wrestling in 2005? Let me know in the comments section!

#1 Super Stacy

HERO: Super Stacy
HERO: Super Stacy

Anyone who watched WWE from 2001 to 2005 will know about Stacey Kiebler. Her name is synonymous with beauty, long legs, a cracking theme tune and the most pivotal RKO in Randy Orton's young career.

But while Stacy didn't pull up many trees in the ring - let's be honest, she wasn't the greatest female wrestler of all time - she was an excellent manager. Her career saw her supporting Test, The Dudley Boys and Randy Orton.

But it was supporting Hurricane and Rosey as Super Stacy where she really made her mark.

She cheered her boys on to many Tag Team Titles and looked absolutely incredible at the same time. All eyes were on Super Stacy while she was ringside, and rightly so.

But, if you watch her, you'll also notice that she was fantastic at gearing the crowd up for a match, even if the in-ring action was not always the best.

A very underrated gimmick, and one that should be remembered far more than it has been.

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