Full NameNelson Frazier Jr.

BornFebruary 14, 1971



Relation(s)Cassandra Frazier (m. ?–2014)


Nelson Frazier Jr, best known as his ring name Viscera (and also Mabel and Big Daddy V), was born in

North Carolina, USA. He made his professional debut in USWA with his partner and (kayfabe)

brother Bobby as the team The Harlem Knight, under the name Nelson Knight. They also wrestled in

PWF, twice winning the Tag Team title there.

  1. Viscera WWE Career


Viscera WWE Career

When he joined WWE in 1993, their gimmick was changed to a team trying to make positive change

in the inner city neighbourhood – Nelson as Mabel, Bobby as Mo and their on-ring manager Oscar.

His 6ft 9in frame grabbed attention and started getting him more singles matches around 1994.

In 1995, both Mabel and Mo turned heel and his new and unique championship belt said ‘King of the

Ring’, although it was never shown on WWE TV. However, his reckless wrestling style kept getting

him into trouble and he was removed as the top heel of WWE.

As Mabel, he got involved in a high-profile feud with The Undertaker, when he helped Yokozuna

attack him. But instead of a scheduled leg drop, Mabel once again faulted and struck The Undertaker

in the face, fracturing his orbital bone. He was defeated a month later in a Casket Match by The

Undertaker himself, who came back in a Phantom of the Opera-style mask.

After being fired, Frazier came back two years later to WWE in a storyline where he was kidnapped


by The Undertaker and his Acolytes. He was then reintroduced as Viscera, with a completely new

Gothic look – bleached Mohawk, black bodysuit, white-out lenses and posing as the Ministry of

Darkness’ enforcer.

After the breakup of the Ministry, Viscera went on to win the WWF Hardcore Championship but only

for few minutes. He had a couple of feuds here and there before being released in 2000.

In his second run with the company, Viscera came back in a different gimmick. He would wrestle in

pajamas and make sexual gestures. He had a romantic angle with ring announcer Lillian Garcia as

well during this time. The character was a controversial one and during this run Viscera did not win

too often.

He would turn heel and wrestle one more time as Big Daddy V during which time he worked in ECW

before being released by WWE again.


People also ask

When did viscera die?

February 18, 2014

How did viscera die?

Heart attack

How much did Big Daddy V weight when he died?

Losing about 100 lbs.

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