4 WWE stars Uncle Howdy should target when he returns next week

Uncle Howdy may be making his WWE television return next week
Uncle Howdy may be making his WWE television return next week. [Image credits: wwe.com & WWE on FOX's official X handle]

WWE has a lot of talented performers who are all scraping and clawing to earn some TV time. Despite there being tons of high-profile injuries at the moment forcing top talent away, there are still so many stars and performers hoping to break out.

Even still, more wrestlers are seemingly on the way. For weeks, World Wrestling Entertainment has been airing or otherwise showcasing bizarre teasers reminiscent of the White Rabbit campaign from 2022. Most people believe this is related to an impending return of Uncle Howdy and potentially a stable known as the Wyatt 6.

While fans have been eagerly awaiting his and potentially their arrival, only teasers have truly been offered. However, that could be changed. The QR code that flashed during Monday Night RAW led to a countdown clock for next week's episode of RAW, meaning Uncle Howdy is seemingly ready to return.

The big question is how Howdy and potentially the Wyatt 6 may debut. Many fans are under the impression that they will appear by attacking or otherwise targeting a specific performer. This article will take a look at a handful of stars from Monday Night RAW that could be involved in the return of Howdy.

Below are four WWE Superstars Uncle Howdy should target when he returns next week.

#4. Sheamus could be a target

Sheamus is one of the most hard-hitting and physical pro wrestlers in the world. He has been on WWE's main roster for around a decade and a half and developed into a multi-time World Champion and versatile performer who can do almost anything.

The Celtic Warrior is currently involved in a feud with Ludwig Kaiser. The German star routinely verbally assaulted Sheamus, which ultimately led to the two clashing on WWE RAW last week. In a move that shocked many, Kaiser won that bout and Sheamus was physically struggling.

It would make sense for a maniacal heel group to target somebody who can hardly protect themselves. Beyond that, Sheamus is so talented that he will be able to make those in the group look like a million dollars almost immediately.

#3. Jey Uso has stolen the "fireflies"

Jey Uso is an absurdly popular pro wrestler currently signed to Monday Night RAW. While he spent much of his time in WWE as a tag team star, he has embarked on a journey hoping for singles superstardom.

Main Event Jey Uso has made his upcoming plans in WWE very clear. The former tag team champion is hoping to win the Men's Money in the Bank briefcase in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, next month.

Whether Jey does or does not achieve that goal, the Wyatt 6 and Uncle Howdy may target him. Uso has updated his entrance to include "Fireflies," which was a staple for the late great Bray Wyatt. There is a chance that Uncle Howdy and any of his followers may see it as disrespect and thus target the former Bloodline member.

#2. Braun Strowman would be logical

Braun Strowman is a powerful individual. In fact, of everybody in WWE today, he may very well be the strongest superstar. Outside of Omos, Braun might also be the tallest performer. He is a physical marvel.

The Monster Among Men returned to WWE television recently after having been out for the better part of a year due to a neck issue. He has been building up some momentum, though, and hopes to become a world champion once again.

Before becoming a world champion, Braun was part of The Wyatt Family. There is little doubt that Uncle Howdy knows this and will target Strowman to either join his new stable or lash out if the big man refuses. Either way, Braun could very well be targeted in some form next week on RAW.

#1. Dominik Mysterio and The Judgment Day are hated by WWE fans

Dominik Mysterio is the most despised superstar in WWE today. When the former NXT North American Champion appears, especially with a microphone in hand, fans rain boos down upon him like nobody else. It is truly a sight to behold.

Dirty Dom is a part of The Judgment Day alongside the injured Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and JD McDonagh. Additionally, Carlito is trying to join the fearsome faction and so might Liv Morgan. Things are certainly chaotic.

Regardless of who joins, Dominik and the bulk of the group are despised by wrestling fans. While most people assume that the Wyatt 6 will be heels, they could debut as babyfaces. If they do, The Judgment Day becoming targets would make a lot of sense. Dominik Mysterio, in particular, could get the new stable cheered courtesy of how much fans hate him.

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