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5 better opponents for Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania than Baron Corbin

So many options.
So many options.
Modified 19 Mar 2019, 13:25 IST
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The career of Kurt Angle is coming to a close, as the former WWE Champion announced last week that he would hang up his wrestling boots after he has one more match at Wrestlemania, and fans were hyped to find out who that opponent was going to be.

Speculation ran wild on who WWE was going to pit against the legend, as everyone from rising superstars to veterans of the industry was considered, but it was none of them, as WWE did something most would have never thought would happen.

The man facing Kurt Angle in his last match is none other than Baron Corbin, and that is not a gag or false information. As on Raw, this week Angle explained that the man he wants to face in the last match of his career is the man that has been giving him a tough time for the past year, and from a neutral standpoint that makes sense.

But from wrestling aficionados perspective, it is a terrible decision, as these two men have faced off before and the result was not pretty. Furthermore, this is Kurt freaking Angle we are talking about, the man that was an integral part of the attitude and ruthless aggression era's.

And by WWE having him go out in a match with a semi-hot Baron Corbin is a mistake, so the question is now, who could have been a better fit for Angle at Wrestlemania

#1 A Chance To Be Rejuvenated: Bray Wyatt

The perfect return.
The perfect return.

The one thing that needs to be considered when looking for the best opponent for Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania is the credibility that is up for grabs will receive once they retire him. And when scouting the WWE landscape for a superstar that could benefit from all the momentum Angle has to offer, a whole host of superstars come to mind.

But if we are restricting this list to those superstars that are on the sidelines then who else but Bray Wyatt should be considered in this role. Wyatt has been on the sidelines for the last few months due to injury problems, and after teasing his return so many times, it doesn't seem like Wyatt will return for Wrestlemania in time.


But that should not have been the case as Wyatt is a dynamic competitor that should have been in WWE plans for Wrestlemania, and Wyatt being the man to end Angle's career would have been the right choice.

As there is no other superstar on the roster that would benefit as much as Wyatt from this decision. Wyatt's career is hanging on threads, as his past booking has ruined his aura, but being the man to end the career of Angle is such a huge momentum boost, Wyatt could reach the heights of his career that should have achieved years ago.

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Published 19 Mar 2019, 13:25 IST
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