5 Biggest reasons why John Cena is returning to WWE

Is John Cena the need of the hour?
Is John Cena the need of the hour?
Abid Khan

In what seems to be a crisis period for the company, WWE are doing everything in their power to garner maximum attention and change the way they manage things.

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Considering that their flagship show lacks legitimate star-power, Monday Night Raw certainly needs someone to coerce the fans back to their television screens.

The fans have been vehemently vocal about the product and their expression have been taken into concern by the WWE, with the McMahon family becoming a more regular aspect of both brands now.

Since Roman Reigns' absence is also hugely affecting the red brand, John Cena's return back to the WWE could mean that the company is planning something huge.

With the 16-time World Champion following a strict part-time schedule, his return during the Road to WrestleMania could be a more compelling thing as it seems, at the moment.

So, without further ado, let's dive deep and analyse the five biggest reasons why John Cena is returning to WWE.

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#1 To stabilize the ratings and viewership on Monday Night Raw

Cena can boost the viewership
Cena can boost the viewership

One of the biggest reasons why John Cena's return will be so fulfilling is because of the elevation of ratings and viewership on both Raw and SmackDown Live.

The Cenation Leader carries a larger-than-life persona that has catapulted him as one of the biggest crowd pullers in the game, and his return will be beneficial for the company.

While many fans feel that Cena could be filling in for the spot left by Roman Reigns, there's more to the story than meets the eye.

The 16-time World Champion could be involved in mid-card feuds and will still be able to gravitate the maximum attention from fans who have grown up idolizing him.

His incredible persona has assisted in making him the superstar that he is, and with the company suffering such a crisis in terms of viewership, Cena's powerful presence will definitely make things more comfortable for the management.

#2 To pass the torch to a rising sensation in the WWE

Is Mcintyre the one?
Is Mcintyre the one?

Since John Cena's main role in the business has always been to be the mainstream attention of everything the company does, he has also been able to give the rub too many new superstars.

His feud with Kevin Owens, for example, led the Prizefighter to one of the biggest victories of his career and turned him into the next big thing.

Considering that the company sees Drew Mcintyre as the breakout star in the business today, getting in an interesting feud with him could get the viewers excited.

There's no denying that new feuds are always a welcoming approach and with Mcintyre running riot on Monday Night RAW, a dominating victory over Cena could ascend his status as the future of the business.

At this age and time, it is ideal for Cena to pass the torch to rising superstars in the game and helping in establishing them for the next level.

#3 Vince McMahon is not very happy with the current babyfaces

The company has reportedly lost their interest in Seth Rollins
The company has reportedly lost their interest in Seth Rollins

If wrestling speculations and rumors are anything to take into consideration, then it could be a possibility that Vince McMahon might have lost all interest in pushing Seth Rollins.

Multiple reports have stated the Chairman was reportedly unhappy with how Rollins' bout with Dean Ambrose transpired, with legions of fans in-attendance chanting 'boring'.

Since the Boss was thinking to ascend the Architect as the one to stand as a legitimate babyface on Monday Night RAW, dropping the ball with him leaves them without credible faces.

With Braun Strowman also struggling to win the Universal Championship, John Cena's presence on the red brand could make him a more idealistic superstar to thrive in the main event scene.

While I definitely believe that Seth Rollins deserves all the applause in the world for his epic performances this year, McMahon not agreeing to push him at the top could make the path easier for John Cena.

#4 To earn one more chance to hold the WWE Championship for a record 17-time

Would you be interested in Daniel Bryan vs John Cena again?
Would you be interested in Daniel Bryan vs John Cena again?

John Cena's quest to make history by holding the WWE Championship for a record 17 times makes for a powerful story anytime he returns to the squared circle.

With Daniel Bryan now working clinically as a heel, a feud between the two could bring the house down and make things more compelling on the blue brand.

His feud with Daniel Bryan in 2013 for the WWE Championship delivered everything it promised and catapulted the Beard into one of the greatest in history.

Considering that the Cenation Leader ties the record with Ric Flair for most world championships in the business, returning back to earn one more chance at the gold seems genuinely promising.

Whether he makes history this time or not, his involvement in the main event feud will definitely boost the entire product on the blue brand.

#5 To challenge the Undertaker for a final match at WrestleMania 35

Will this happen?
Will this happen?

The Undertaker and John Cena are regarded as two of the greatest professional wrestlers that ever graced the squared circle.

While Vince McMahon did give us the match we all yearned to see for the last ten years, the match eventually ended up being a squash match at the Show of Shows.

The Phenom squashing the Cenation Leader became one of the most underwhelming aspects of WrestleMania 34 which could make things interesting for next year's visual extravaganza.

There's no denying that John Cena might be looking to close the curtain on his remarkable career at the Grandest Stage of Them All and locking horns with the Undertaker seems like a genuine possibility.

In what could be a solid way to end both their careers, booking a Career Vs. Career match at WrestleMania 35 would make things more compelling for the WWE.

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