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5 Blockbuster Feuds For Roman Reigns As The Universal Champion

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The Big
The Big Dog needs to keep up the work rate in order to stay

Despite being heavily criticized for his improper character work and push, Roman Reigns has finally ascended to the top of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Vince McMahon would try everything in his power to get something substantial out of this Universal Championship reign, and in that case, the Big Dog needs some credible challengers.

Brock Lesnar's feud with Roman Reigns might have ended, but there are plenty of opponents that could have an opportunity to demolish the Roman Empire.

Superstars who have remained directionless throughout might finally get their chance to get a taste of the main event scene, and with Hell in a Cell just around the corner, the company needs someone dependable to clash against the Big Dog.

With Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins already backing up the Universal Champion, them feuding with Roman Reigns won't feel logical at this very moment.

Therefore, here are the five opponents who can have a blockbuster feud with Roman Reigns as the Universal Champion.

#5 Bobby Roode

This could be
This could be a classic

Despite being relegated to such an extent that he no longer seems credible, there's no denying that a fantastic character transformation could drastically alter Bobby Roode's career.

The former NXT Champion ascended to the top under Triple H's umbrella during his initial days with the company. However, his main-roster run has diminished his entire credibility as a performer.


Bobby Roode, if turned heel, could work wonders against Roman Reigns who could struggle to maintain his Universal Championship reign as a pure babyface.

Considering the fact that the fans already despise the Big Dog, a credible heel in Bobby Roode could convince them to think otherwise. Either way, this could definitely ascend the Glorious One back to the top of Monday Night Raw.

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