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5 bold reasons why Brock Lesnar shouldn’t win the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel

Punit Kanuga
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This must not happen at Crown Jewel.
This must not happen at Crown Jewel.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the Universal Championship match at Crown Jewel was a triple threat match. However, the match lost one-third of its force as Roman Reigns relinquished the championship to battle Leukemia.

Although the match will still happen as a one-on-one match between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar, it is not the same as before. Lesnar lost the Universal Championship earlier this year after holding it for a record 504 days, to Roman Reigns. However, the vacated championship needs to have a storyline associated with the coronation to enhance its glory.

Although on paper the Beast Incarnate does have a 50% chance of winning the championship, here are the five bold reasons to prove why he shouldn’t become the Universal Champion at Crown Jewel.

#5 He is a part-timer

No one knows when he will be in the ring for the next time.
No one knows when he will be in the ring for the next time.

Let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way first. The one thing which stood out in the long reign of the Universal Championship along with Brock Lesnar’s intensity was that he barely showed up. Truth be told, the flagship show had to run for nearly one and half year without the man who held its most coveted championship.

Thanks to the over-generous contract offered to the former champion, there were a couple of PPVs in a row without the fans having a sight of him. Not to mention, the countless episodes of Raw when he didn’t show up.

After a long time, the fans were able to expect the champion to show up on Raw. Unfortunately, The Big Dog had to take a leave as of now, but it doesn’t mean that we have to go back in time and relive the same mistake. It will be unfair to the fans to be put on hold once again. 

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