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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw (January 30th, 2017)

The timekeeper went rogue. Don't they know that they take their cues from the ref?

Raw had several botches this week

If you’re still feeling the Royal Rumble hangover, then there’s only one solution to cure your symptoms, and that’s Monday Night Raw.

On a night featuring the Raw debut of Samoa Joe, a strong singles match between Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho and a Universal Title challenge by Braun Strowman, not everything was executed to perfection.

Among this round of botches and outrageousness are a couple of unfortunate slip-ups by Cesaro, a clip of the ropes while attempting a high-risk move by Rich Swann, and a bell ringer during the Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax match that seemed to have gone rogue.

Didn’t that person know that they are supposed to take their cues from the referee?

The 5 botchiest moments of the night have been selected, so proceed on to see who made our list this time for the Raw edition!

#5 Nice suit, Mick

Mick Foley has never been the epitome of fashion or anything, but what was up with his choice of suit on Raw? The loud explosion of green plaid that was such an outrageous standout that he even addressed it himself in a promo with Stephanie McMahon later in the show...

Here’s what he said to Stephanie:

“I’m going to grant you that on this particular night, I look stupid...[but] I can assure you, I am not.”

Kudos to Stephanie for not agreeing with him and actually choosing to do the opposite of verbally thrashing Mick on this occasion. She’s pretty famous for jumping on any chance she can to rip into someone.

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