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5 Botches, slip-ups, and outrageous moments from WWE SmackDown Live (February 28th, 2017)

Outrageous is the best way to describe this closing segment of the show.

Top 5 / Top 10 01 Mar 2017, 11:40 IST
The moment we were all waiting for

It finally happened. Randy Orton officially turned himself against his former leader Bray Wyatt in the main event of SmackDown Live.

It was a memorable moment that made the eventual WrestleMania showdown all the more certain. This night of wrestling was slightly on the promo-heavy side, even kicking off with a very long MizTV segment featuring John Cena. None of this was a bad thing, though.

Whatever wrestling that was there was pretty good. Styles vs. Harper, Lynch vs. James in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match and Ziggler vs. Crews in a Chairs Match were pretty much it as far as the actual bell to bell competition went, but they were acceptable offerings.

As for the negatives of the night, there wasn’t an overabundance. This edition of this article series doesn’t have much to offer regarding botches but there were many outrageous moments including yet another Oscars reference and the blaze of glory witnessed as the show went off the air.

Each of the moments were strange in their own right and need to be broken down and dissected – and that’s exactly what I plan to do...

#5 Slight stumble on the mic

The Miz and John Cena opened up SmackDown, engaging in a lengthy MizTV segment. As it could’ve been expected, they knocked this segment out of the park.

The Miz ranted about how Cena had held him back for a decade while Big Match John gave his usual “been here since day one” spiel while adding in that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight stuff. It was all solid, however, there was one slip up...

The Miz had this very tiny word mix up on the mic. He started saying the word “fact” but decided mid-sentence to say “thing” instead but ended up saying them both as well. Is this a minute thing to point out? Yes, but the show was rather good.

The blue brand doesn’t put out negatives as much as other wrestling shows do.

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