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5 Current WWE signature moves that should be finishers 

There are several signature moves in WWE at present that should be seen as finishers
There are several signature moves in WWE at present that should be seen as finishers
Modified 02 Apr 2021
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WWE Superstars create their own move-set early into their wrestling career and as part of that, they decide on both a finisher and a signature move. More often than not, the signature move will lead to a two-count, but they will rarely be able to pick up a victory without the use of their finisher.

Many superstars also go one step further and decide to have both a submission finisher as well as one that can be hit from anywhere in the ring, which only adds to their creative options.

Interestingly, there are several current WWE Superstars who have signature moves that could easily be their finishers. It's odd to think that some of these signature moves are more impactful than actual finishers used on WWE TV, but they are almost never able to secure the victory.

Here are just five current signature moves that should be used as finishers.

#5. Former WWE World Champion Dolph Ziggler's signature move, the Famouser

Dolph Ziggler has had the Famouser in his arsenal for more than a decade, but it's very rare that the move is able to cause the kind of impact he would like. Instead, Ziggler opts for his ZigZag finisher, which is basically just a back bump after he's pulled his opponent backward.

Technically, in its most basic form, it could be argued the Famouser is actually more impactful than the ZigZag and it's much easier for Ziggler to pull off. The former World Champion usually has to wait until his opponent has his back to him to deliver the ZigZag, but that isn't always the case with the Famouser. He has been able to hit the move from out of nowhere on many occasions.


It's also worth noting the height he achieves on the move before coming down to make an impact on his opponent would make this more impactful than several finishers in WWE at present.

There are a handful of WWE Superstars who have been able to pick up victories with their signature moves in the past. But interestingly, The Showoff isn't one of them. The Famouser is seen as more of a move to set up his finisher than to finish a match.

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Published 02 Apr 2021, 18:24 IST
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