5 current WWE Superstars who would thrive as commentators

Which Superstar would make the best commentator?
Which Superstar would make the best commentator?
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WWE is laden with tons of excellent talent, each of them possessing varied skill sets. There are many important components that make a successful WWE Superstar, with very few more important than mic skills. The ability to cut a strong and compelling promo is extremely valuable in this field, with the rightful emphasis on storytelling.

Some wrestlers who have a strong way with words have transitioned over to commentary after wrapping up their in-ring careers. The likes of Tazz and Booker T have done so in the past. More recent examples include Corey Graves and Nigel McGuinness. .

There are quite a few current WWE Superstars who would be similarly great in this role once they hang up the boots. Samoa Joe is one of them, as he is currently a commentator on Monday Night RAW. Joe has been great thanks to his excellent mic skills and experienced mind for the business. We only haven't included him here as we don't know yet if this commentating position is a permanent one, or just temporary while he recovers from injury.

Other Superstars share these skills and have been impressive on commentary whenever called upon to join the booth. Each of them, like Joe, would be excellent as permanent members of the announce team once their in-ring careers come to an end.

Here are five current WWE Superstars who would thrive as commentators.

#5 Drew Gulak

Gulak is very technically proficient.
Gulak is very technically proficient.

It came as a huge relief to the WWE Universe when it turned out that Drew Gulak re-signed with the company after his contract had expired. He is currently doing pretty well on SmackDown as part of a very strong midcard, and enjoying a partnership with his friend, Daniel Bryan.

Gulak has essentially become Bryan's training partner, coaching him on various in-ring nuances and intricacies after the two had a barnburner of a match at Elimination Chamber. This kind of knowledge would be a valuable asset to the commentary desk, along with Gulak's impressive promo work.

The former Cruiserweight Champion is a pretty entertaining character as well, showing his personality on multiple occasions either in the ring or in the booth. Drew Gulak seems passionate enough about wrestling to be able to talk about it weekly, and doing a good job at it.

And if he can't get his message across that way, he can always try using a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!!

#4 Sami Zayn

One of the most unfiltered mouths in WWE today.
One of the most unfiltered mouths in WWE today.

As somebody whose in-ring days in WWE are sparse, Sami Zayn has spent more and more time on commentary over the past few months. The former Intercontinental Champion spent that time managing Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro, showcasing his incredible range of performance within the company.

Zayn's ability to garner heel heat through his words made the act a success, but it remains to be seen whether he returns to WWE in the same role. The 'Great Liberator' can cut some scorching promos and doesn't really shy away from speaking his mind, as seen by his recent interactions with Michael Cole at the booth.

These qualities make Zayn a tremendous fit for commentary, particularly as the heel of the team. He is very articulate in his words, often coming across as smart and honest. That is what we want from WWE commentators, along with an aptitude for constantly putting Superstars over.

Sami Zayn had been doing just that every week on SmackDown, hyping up Nakamura at every opportunity. He would be the perfect heel color commentator if he ever switched over to the booth.

#3 Kevin Owens

He is always entertaining on commentary.
He is always entertaining on commentary.

Sami Zayn's best friend is also one of the best all-rounders in WWE: Kevin Owens. An expert at pretty much any role he has played, the former Universal Champion has his superior promo skills to thank. Very few Superstars in WWE can be as funny, clever, and genuine on the mic as Owens is.

Those incredible skills served him well whenever called upon to do guest commentary. KO always had something witty to say to the likes of Michael Cole and Byron Saxton, among others. His exchanges with the commentators range from logical to hilarious, to downright brutal.

While we have seen Owens do some incredible guest commentary as a heel, his promos have stayed good following his babyface turn. He shares similar qualities to Zayn, but KO is able to take his promos into a higher notch from time to time. His intensity and emotion could give lots of life to the commentary team.

Kevin Owens has always made the most of his time on commentary, engaging in banter and entertaining the fans. Having him as a regular in the booth would be fantastic for WWE, especially with his insights on wrestling and life in general.

#2 The Miz

A very reliable performer.
A very reliable performer.

The Miz is one of the biggest company guys in WWE today, making him an instant option for being a permanent auditory ambassador for them. He is also one of the best and most trustworthy talkers on the roster, with his talk-show, Miz TV, called upon regularly to fill certain gaps in major storylines.

The Miz has gotten to his position as an accomplished veteran in WWE thanks to his incredible promos and the ability to spit fire whenever the occasion would call for it. The biggest example of this was the promo on Talking Smack, where Miz took shots at Daniel Bryan after feeling disrespected over his in-ring style and the position of the Intercontinental Championship.

That promo and many other similar ones helped raise the stock of the IC Title, making it one of the most important belts in the company for a couple of years. The Miz is great at selling importance, along with building any given WWE Superstar up in a way very few can do.

The 8-time Intercontinental Champion has nailed the art of guest commentary, contributing to the table-wide discussion. The Miz always gets his tone right, while delivering his intended messages flawlessly. These skills make him an ideal candidate to join the commentary table once his in-ring days are over. He would be awwwwwwwwesooooooome at it.

*ahem* Sorry.

#1 Daniel Bryan

Master of all trades.
Master of all trades.

Naturally, the one WWE Superstar who is at least as good as The Miz at commentary is Daniel Bryan. He also has quite some experience in this role, thanks to his stint as a commentator for the Cruiserweight Classic years ago. Coming a few months after he initially retired from the ring, Bryan's passion for wrestling shone through over the course of the tournament.

Along with the CWC, the bearded underdog was brilliant as the host of Talking Smack, alongside Renee Young. He was able to get the best out of his SmackDown roster - especially The Miz and AJ Styles. Bryan always makes anything he is a part of feel so important, a skill that would be invaluable for WWE's commentary booth.

Bryan's promos are always natural and excellent, no matter what story he is a part of and where he is on the card. The fact that his quality is not compromised as either a heel or a face makes the leader of the Yes! Movement one of the greatest to ever do this.

He is the perfect storm of every Superstar mentioned on this list. With Gulak's technical awareness, Zayn's honesty, KO's wit, and Miz's reliability, Daniel Bryan would be an excellent commentator on RAW or SmackDown. He is tried and tested in WWE as well.

What other WWE Superstars do you feel would make great commentators once they retire? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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